Social Studies Tuition

Social Studies Tuition

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Our proficient social studies teachers are adequately trained to provide IP, IB, or O-Level tuition


Social analysis consists of a number of topics such as history, geography, politics and economics. Things are easier for students at the primary level, but as they progress to the stage, social study becomes complex with new chapters, ideas, curriculum changes. Therefore, a student will find it tough to advance levels in the subject. In secondary years, social study is compulsory subject, particularly at GCE-O Levels where it is compulsory to take up history and geography together.


Compulsory Subject

Social Studies is mandatory and form an integral part of your child’s education and overall humanities evaluation assessment.


Content Heavy

Students can get overwhelmed when it is combined with history or geography in preparing for exams.


Quality Guidance

A professional teacher has outstanding teaching skills and up-to-date lesson plans to ensure that your child loves learning and is able to excel with ease.

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Importance of Social Studies

While Social Studies in primary schools are seen as a recreational subject, it becomes a big deal in secondary school years. For pass the GCE O-Levels, students are obliged to take up social studies along with either history or geography. Singaporean parents tend to concentrate all their energies on seeking geography and history tutors for their child and totally neglecting social studies. That really is a huge mistake. If your child takes a mixed humanity, social studies are as important as the other subject of humanities (i.e. combined history or combined geography). Yet, many students are receiving several hours of history and geography tuition and having zero tuition in social studies. It might not be a smart move to put most of all your effort behind two out of three subjects while neglecting an important subject like Social Studies.

Benefits of Social Studies Tuition

A much better strategy would be to give your child equal attention and feedback into the tuition of social studies, as they would for geography and history. Engaging a tutor in social studies to help your child score high in SS is a strategy just as good as having a tutor in history and geography. Underestimating social studies may prove to be an expensive mistake. If you plan to employ a history, geography and other subjects tutor, do well to include social studies in the mix to improve secondary school success for your boy. Not only do our professional tutors bring results, they also motivate students to become active learners. Our tutors will cover all main areas of social research, while helping students better understand the topic.

  • Assistance with assignments:
    Students receive professional help with their homework
  • Customised instruction:
    Tutors help students leverage their strengths and untapped potential or make the best possible use of them
  • Conducive learning environment:
    Unlike a school environment where students feel stunned by classroom work, home-based tuition offers a relaxed atmosphere for students
  • Effective teaching methods:
    Private tutors bring unique ideas and teaching styles to the table which help students understand concepts more easily and more quickly
  • Efficient use of time:
    Students will experience more free time with a mentor, who will then handle some free time productively

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Our Social Studies Tutors

Social studies seek to stimulate the child’s curiosity and inquisitiveness in order to understand and react to contemporary, real-life issues that affect the group and the wider society where they find themselves. Due to the young age of our primary and secondary stage, and the lack of maturity, many students fail to understand the meaning of social studies and therefore refuse to study. We have hired an incredible database of excellent and committed tutors in social studies who are willing to help your child learn, appreciate and enjoy social studies in order to address this growing problem. Your child will also be properly prepared for his or her SS tests and exams. Your child will relax with us on their side, and enjoy every moment of learning. That is your chance to invest in learning for your family. so get them the aid that they now need to succeed.

Excelling in Social Studies Examinations

Do not think of the many social studies tuition centers out there that are unable to give your child the undivided attention they need and deserve to be successful in their studies. There’s no better way than a committed private tutor to see significant progress and growth in both the skill and interest of your child in social studies. Our lively and well-grounded teachers are set to assist with all their SS needs for your kids. Our tutors are knowledgeable, trustworthy and are willing to trigger their passion for teaching for the benefit of your child. Our tutors are completely committed to helping your child solve all issues relating to their social studies, so they are proud of confidence every time they take the exams well prepared.

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The Challenges of Social Studies

The core curriculum in Social Studies is the dream of the Singapore Government through the Ministry of Education (MOE) to train your child to become a proud citizen of the future. SS tuition helps students appreciate Singapore’s society’s interconnectedness by drawing on crucial lessons from the past and present to teach students about the true essence of Singapore culture.

  • Have they overlooked the subject of concentrating on history and geography and now find that they have a lot to do?
  • Will they find it difficult to remember notions after reading large volumes of text?
  • Is your child pressed for time and needs a quick plan now to get lost time back?
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Tackling Social Studies Strategically

Social Studies is really holistically, not just academically, essential to your kid. Through an integrated learning experience, SS develops a fundamental human understanding, the right moral fabric and a sense of social responsibility. Effective social studies teaching eventually produces reflective, knowledgeable and inquisitive students who can embrace multiple perspectives on problems and grow into highly valuable and committed citizens who contribute their quota to the society in which they live. As we understand this situation perfectly, then our tuition provider offers excellent A-level tutors with the experience and ability to deliver results.

Social Studies Tuition Rates

Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90

Score Well with Good Preparation

We’ll discuss three key areas that students need to develop strong skills and aptitude to be competitive in SS exams:

Source-based skills:Prior to taking the test, the best approaches for answering source-based questions will be thoroughly taught to equip students with the necessary skills.

Structured-response skills: This is a challenging aspect applied to the new syllabus that requires critical thinking and the ability to relate solutions to main Singapore-affected problems. Today, having a thorough understanding of the material isn’t just enough. Your child will be properly guided by a very rational and straightforward way of putting their ideas in writing.

Evaluation skills: This is an important area of assessment in the new syllabus. So the tutor must work to equip your child with a plan to pick and review the right sources in order to achieve the highest possible marks for this segment

If your child faces any kind of challenge with a tutor that we send over, and you’d like us to make a substitution, we’ll gladly do that quickly.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides efficiency, ease, sensitive service and the best match prices. We have made it our goal to help parents and students get social studies assistance. Our excellent team of tutors in professional social studies are expertly qualified to provide IP, or O-Level tuition.

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