A-Level Tuition

A-Level Tuition

  • Gain confidence in A-Level exam ability
  • See tangible results within a short time
  • Experienced A-Level tutors to motivate students
  • Proficient guidance to tackle most difficult problems effectively
  • Dedicated assistance and support with school assignments and tests

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If you’re still struggling in JC, it’s advisable to seek for help form our A-Level tutors


Completed your O-Levels, and finally entered your Junior Dream College (JC)? Excited to join all of the junior college CCAs and at the same time do well academically? I am certain that these were the thoughts of many students when they first entered junior college and I am sure we all understand the importance of the A-level test for the road to university of a junior college student. Things aren’t always going according to plan though. Going through their first typical JC exam is a harrowing experience for most students, with many seeing lower than expected results. Most students think they don’t need tuition because they coped well before joining JC and the poor result must be accidental, but the findings and experience also indicate that students would benefit from extra A-level tuition lessons than they would without. Simply putting effectively and concisely the extra hours for each subject should help students see an increase in their comprehension of concepts and, of course, their outcomes.


Highly Competitive

The level of difficulty increases yearly especially as foreign scholars compete for the limited local university places


Fast-paced Syllabus

Difficult to catch up once your child falls behind due to the fast pace of the curriculum


Reduce Work Load

Exceptional tutor can help your child scale through their struggle points while supporting them with their upcoming tests and exams

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Importance of A-Level Examinations

In Singapore, the A-Level exam is conducted annually. Students can either take the exam by enrolling in a Junior College or by signing up as a private student. A-Level in Tuition in Singapore, along with primary and secondary education, has become one of the most popular forms of private tuition being sought after today. This is because of the neck-breaking timetable, the insanely difficult syllabus and the crazily competitive and overwhelming climate faced by students at JC.

  • Securing a place in a local university
  • Going overseas to pursue an undergraduate degree

Benefits of A-Level Tuition

A-Level subjects rely heavily on language skills and the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. Being sensitive to the many nuances and identifying every facet of the topic of interest requires exposure and guidance, which can be achieved through tuition.

Having different perspectives to consider in the essay, rather than just the usual few methods typically read by examiners, can give examiners fresh insights from the essays and questions of application, out of the large pile of exam scripts they have to mark.

Our astute home tutors will also help you learn how to define the types of questions and the ways to answer the problem as well.

Getting A-Level tuition will save you plenty of time to participate in CCAs and all the other changes you want to explore in JC and get the grades to help you get into your dream university course. Two years will pass by easily, culminating in what might be your life’s most critical formal test.

  • Seek expert help:
    Students need a good tutor who can help them get organised and focused on the more important study areas
  • Overcome academic challenges:
    Often, all a student wants is an experienced mentor to speak to who can guide them about the do’s and the preparations for A-Levels
  • Improve on A-Level foundation:
    A successful tutor will track the origins of learning difficulties and focus on that first to differences of understanding in previous lessons
  • Learn useful exam tactics:
    Important test tips on pacing, remaining well before tests, and coping with easy-to – do questions will improve students’ grades dramatically first
  • Receive dedicated time and attention:
    Students relax and get better prepared for the exams when private tutors can give them their full support
  • Practice and analyse past questions:
    Experienced tutors understand the magic of extensive practice and ensure students receive more than necessary

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Our A-Level Tutors

We’ve put together an amazing team of tutors who have the winning strategies to help you once and for all ace the A-Levels. Let us get you a well-educated instructor. You can rest assured with our experienced tutors to see that your child gains a winner’s confidence, knowledge and attitude in their upcoming exams. Don’t watch your child struggle with A-Levels alone. Let us step in and give them the helping hand that their exams need to shine.

Excelling in the A-Level Examinations

Our top-notch and compassionate teachers in Singapore are waiting for your child to obtain expert assistance so that they can easily succeed at their A-Levels. Our tutors are attentive to the exact study needs, desires and really hard work of your child to resolve them. If your child struggles to cope with the tight schedule, incredibly tough work scheme and typical endless competition in JC, then this is the perfect time to act.

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The Challenges of A-Level Examinations

A-Level Exams are extremely difficult Students are quick to tell anyone who wants to know that A-Levels is extremely difficult in Singapore. This is mainly due to the collaboration between MOE & SEAB and the University of Cambridge in preparing A-Level papers in Singapore which makes it much more complicated than the regular A-Levels taken in the UK. Because this is a very crucial examination that acts as a major gateway to tertiary studies, students need to find a way to overcome every challenge they face in effectively preparing for it before it stops them short of achieving their academic objectives.

  • Does your child face a major obstacle in preparing for their A-Levels?
  • Are the sheer quantity of syllabus confused and overwhelmed?
  • Have you run out of options to help them get a grip on their training for an A-Level exam?
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Conquer A-Level Strategically

The difficulty level for A-Levels rises each year, particularly as many international scholars come in to compete in NTU, NUS, & SMU for very small university places. Local students are not uncommon to prepare extremely hard for 2 years straight and yet fail to ace their exams. This is why enrolling for private tuition is almost a given, as it is almost difficult for students to keep up with the pace of the curriculum taught in JC. In fact, our students at JC frequently tell us that they only attend lectures to “fill in the blanks” in their lecture notes and then consult their private tutors to explain the concepts. We well understand this situation, which is why our tuition provider provides excellent tutors who have the experience and ability to deliver results.

A-Level Tuition Rates


Get the Best Preparation

Once parents realise that their child needs extra assistance with their A-level exam preparation, they often consider enrolling their child with one of Singapore’s A-Level tuition centres. Admittedly, tuition centres are usually slightly cheaper in terms of tuition rates for A-Levels, but the clear winner is private tuition in terms of achieving the desired results for your child. No matter how competent a teacher at a tuition centre is, they can’t pay much attention to your child without mentioning customised lesson plans, teaching style, and curriculum based on the needs and preferences of your child. This is because the other nine or so students in their tuition centre class have to be taken into consideration. Ask for a home tutor who can tailor the lessons to fit the exact requirements of your child and train your child to meet and ace the A level exams sufficiently.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the best match prices. We made it our mission to help parents and students get assistance in the exams. Our outstanding team of skilled tutors are expertly qualified to provide tuition at home in Singapore. You can now find a private tutor in just a few clicks, or through a call. As a concerned parent seeking quality teaching for your child, you have seen the many benefits of standard teaching. We wish to mention that tuition at the A-Level is open to everyone! If your child doesn’t get the best out of her teacher, please contact us and we’d ensure a more suitable replacement.

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