Secondary School Tuition

Secondary School Tuition

  • Excellent tutoring to improve GCSE exam performance
  • Fix gaps in understanding of fundamentals
  • A competent tutor to guide answers to challenging questions
  • Innovative and cutting edge approaches to learning
  • Private tutoring that helps overcome overwhelming school work

secondary school tuition

Our passionate tutors can help your child significantly improve their GCSE O-Level grades


Secondary school is when our children and most especially your child spend most of their pubescent years developing characteristics and beliefs that may be important to them for the rest of their lives. Secondary school is, of course, one of the most crucial times since it inevitably leads to the GCE ‘ O Level’ tests, where it will carve out the path for our future education.


Critical Academic Phase

O-Level examinations is one of the most important exams as it determines the next path


Increasingly Challenging

The degree of difficulty of O-Levels has been increasing year after year


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Importance of Secondary School Education

Secondary education in Singapore represents a critical step in the students’ personal and academic lives. At secondary school, several students begin lasting friendships which can either make or break them. It is also the stage where they struggle to decide which direction to pursue and which subjects to settle for their achievement ambitions.

With all these happening concurrently at a break-neck speed, it’s so easy to be completely distracted from concentrating on their academics. Specialising in secondary school tuition in Singapore, we are helping to train children from the moment they appear for the PSLE before completing the GCE ‘ O’ level exams.

There are many questions parents have about the success of their child in secondary school, some of which are:

  • Poor academic performance of children during secondary school years School teaching is not always appropriate to train children for national examinations
  • Parents do not have the time and skills needed to assist their children with their academic advances
  • Students, as well as parents, are concerned about their children’s performance on the ‘ O ‘ level entrance exams to pursue their choice of career

Benefits of Secondary School Tuition

They recognise that the child’s academic path is more than any other phase; the most negative of all is the four to five years spent at secondary school. Therein lies the foundation for the future. Advancing from primary to secondary school means that your child will have to face greater obstacles and be prepared for a more demanding and hard-working environment. Our tutors will help kids cope with all of their classmates and stay ahead in the competition.

  • We offer tuitions for all subjects
    Whether it is English tuition or tuition for any other subject, we have experienced tutors for all subjects at the secondary level.
  • Maximise use of after-school time:
    Private tuition makes great productive use of some of after-school free hours.
  • Help students focus better:
    An experienced tutor can guide his student through making the right decisions with proven methods.
  • Support with overwhelming school and homework:
    A tutor is able to assist students with school work while enabling fast learning in the process
  • Extra lessons to get ahead of their peers:
    Tutors can tackle present and upcoming topics of work so students can be safely ahead of their class
  • Sustain high performance in school:
    A private tutor to can help keep performing students track so they don’t fall behind unexpectedly

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Our Secondary School Tutors

We’ve brought in an outstanding team of secondary school tutors who know how to guide your child in their school research and the GCSE O-Level exam to resounding success.

Let’s take charge and choose the right tutor for your child’s secondary school as they study for their O-Level examinations. With us directly supporting them, in their exams you can be assured of better grades.

Secondary school students may have thousands of questions ringing in their ears, which due to time-limit can not always be answered at the class level. Our tutors are educated by giving them full metaphors to teach children, and hence the learning process goes beyond theory to include the implementation of concepts.

Engage in the progress of your child’s secondary education. Allow us to give them the great help they need to make their studies a success.

Excelling in the O-Level Examinations

The O-level exams are getting harder with ever-increasing scores required for attaining good grades.

There’s also a lot of competition for high school students at the secondary level for their time and attention. They have to deal with puberty, keep up with homework and still plan thoroughly for their O-Level or N-Level which, if handled badly, can act as a barrier to JC, tertiary study and even opportunities for future careers.

Our enthusiastic and subject-savvy tutors are prepared to work closely with your child, recognise restricting circumstances influencing their success and effectively nip it in the bud. Our tutors even provide relevant materials, such as test papers from top schools.

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The Challenges of Secondary School Education

GCSE O-Levels is one of the toughest exams provided that students are expected to prepare extensively for eight to nine different subjects at once. And since the Ministry of Education (MOE) began working with Cambridge in 2009, O-Levels ‘ degree of difficulty in Singapore rose year after year. How does your child keep pace with the required scheme of work and still successfully pass its final exams with all this to contend with?

  • Is your child struggling continuously while preparing for the GCSE O-Levels?
  • Do they find certain subjects particularly difficult to tackle despite having spent much effort?
  • Do they have a clear idea which subjects to settle for in preparation for a specific course of study?
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Get the Best Preparation

Every year the Ministry of Education (MOE) sets the GCSE O-Level exams, expecting students to exhibit a high level of secondary education and preparation. This is because O-Levels is such a critical examination to determine your teenage child’s next academic phase and so can not be treated lightly.

We can resonate well with your child’s need to improve their game as soon as they enter high school and scale through this critical examination that opens the doors to greater academic opportunities. That’s why we only provide the best tutors who appreciate what’s at stake and pledge to produce measurable outcomes. Our private tutors are familiar with the syllabus of the O-Level and can accommodate the child’s specific study needs based on his weaknesses and strengths.

Secondary School Tuition Rates

Secondary 1 $35-40$40-50$65-75
Secondary 2 $35-40$40-50$65-75
Secondary 3$35-45$45-55$70-80
Secondary 4/5$40-45$50-55$70-80

Receive Undivided Attention

If you’re a mom, you’ll probably face the dilemma of sending your child to a tuition centre or finding a good private tutor in secondary education. Secondary school students need no assistance with all aspects of their O-Level training. With private tuition, they can quickly point their tutors to the exact areas of trouble they have and receive tailor-made assistance from a qualified private tutor.

With about 8-9 subjects (including Chinese or even Higher Chinese) to learn for and study, secondary students need to use their very limited time wisely. One-to-one tuition has proved to be the most effective to help teenage students quickly understand concepts and catch up on their mistakes in good time.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best match rates. We made it our goal to help the students get help through tuition at secondary school. Our excellent team of high school skilled tutors are well qualified to provide O-Level (and AEIS) secondary tuition in Singapore.

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