Special Needs Tuition

Special Needs Tuition

  • Dedicated tutors for various conditions such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism
  • Experienced tutor in supporting special needs students
  • A caring mentor for your child
  • Home tuition for at your convenience
  • Boost in academic performance with specialised guidance

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We provide Special Needs teachers Singapore who are expertly trained to provide home tuition for ADHD, dyslexic, autistic children


A real hurdle can be to find a specialist in Singapore for special needs education. Because of the peculiarities of educating children and adults with special needs, most of the tutors are not eligible to adequately support them.

Different types of special needs occur (ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger, Asd, Dyspraxia and more). It each has its own unique manifestation. So, if your child has Dyslexia, for example, they might have trouble learning to speak, write, read, memorise facts about numbers, do math calculations etc. While a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may not even respond to his or her name, make eye contact, smile at caregivers or wave goodbye without being told.


Special Attention

Expertly qualified special needs tutors to define the strengths, shortcomings and learning styles or habits of special needs students.


Unique Methods

That unique insight or expertise helps tutors develop a personalised program that matches your specific needs.


Customised Activities

The tutor will then tailor the lessons and activities so that your kid can learn faster and also have fun.

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Importance of Special Needs

Teaching a student with special needs goes beyond having good teaching competencies or aptitude. Teachers have to interact with them, look after them sincerely and be extremely patient with them. Either this or the teacher gets disconnected.

Benefits of Special Needs Tuition

This is why as a parent you need to employ for an experienced dyslexia tutor; professional primary home tutor for children with ADHD; secondary home tutor for autistic child; who are professionally trained to help your child resolve their difficulties so they can learn better. Our team can also provide Phonics for adults.

  • Customised learning programme:
    Access to teaching materials suited to the student’s unique needs
  • Conducive learning environment:
    Not struggling to keep pace with the rest of their peers during lectures is refreshing and encouraging
  • Increase self-confidence:
    Private tuition means students are more comfortable asking questions and are not afraid to be laughed at
  • Effective teaching methods:
    Experienced tutors may assess the pupil and make effective use of the teaching method for the child
  • Learn exam-taking techniques:
    Personalised strategies for answering exam questions enhancing their performance significantly
  • Lessons applicable to everyday life:
    A special needs teacher helps a child understand why they have obstacles to learn, and how to solve them one step at a time

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Our Special Needs Tutors

In addition to ensuring that all our special needs educators are eligible, we are working with the authorities to perform rigorous background checks on all of our tutors as well as comprehensive test applications for tutors who are interested in working with children and vulnerable individuals. We schedule a one-on-one interview with each mentor and also collect appropriate references so that we can gain valuable insight into their children’s background and track records. We apply the same approach to people with special needs, because what matters most for us is empowering children and adults with special needs to lead a happy and fulfilling life, and we are always going the extra mile to help them achieve that.

Excelling in Examinations for Special Needs Students

You’ve dedicated the right partner to seeing your child excel. Whether it’s in English, Maths, or Science, they never need to be nervous or struggling to catch up with their school mates. Our caring teachers are well-trained to meet the unique needs of students who need extra attention and support with their PSLE, N-Level, or O-Level studies, and even to get through on a daily basis successfully. The tutors recognise the extra effort that students need to put in, and are prepared to provide the inspiration and support they need to excel in spite of their particular study challenges. This is the perfect time for an investment in the future of your kids. Get the expert help your child needs to perform better.

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The Challenges of Special Needs

Let’s help your child shine against all odds Learning disabilities shouldn’t hinder your child from knowing its full potential. This can only be done by committed one-to-one tutoring from professional special needs tutors. Help your child get the tuition on special needs they need today. This way you will now set them up for success and lay the foundation for a beautiful future.

  • Will they show signs of distaste for an atmosphere of community learning?
  • Is it constant anxiety and anger that they struggle with?
  • Do they slip below the average in term to term of their school grades?
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Tackling Special Needs Strategically

Special education tutoring is one of the wisest decisions that a parent can make for their child who has a learning difficulty to face. The concerns that surround them in a group-learning environment are easily overwhelmed by children and adults with particular needs. And then again, in standardised exams that are organised differently from how they see and process information, they are expected to sit for and do well. Bottom line is that your child needs the professional help of a trained teacher with hands-on experience to adapt to the unique needs of your child. Most parents aren’t sure how to get the right support for their child, who lives under any of the special conditions above. Fortunately, we are available right now to get you all the help that your child needs.

Special Needs Tuition Rates

Age 0-9 $25-30 $40-45 $50-60
Age 10-14 $30-35 $40-50 $55-70
Age 15-16 $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Age 17 and above $50-60 $60-80 $90-120

Prepare Well with Home Tuition

Special needs refer to different educational requirements arising from learning difficulties, physical handicap, or emotional and behavioural issues. Nevertheless, they must transcend their particular circumstances and still look for a way to fit in with all the requirements. That is why we have given special attention to carefully selecting committed, experienced and qualified tutors and part-time special needs teachers who are waiting to support your child with all the assistance they need to address their study difficulties and excellence.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a special needs tuition agency in Singapore that provides consistency, comfort, attentive service and the neatest prices. Thanks to their specific qualifications, our tutors will care for adults with special needs at different levels including pre-school, primary, secondary and also special needs students. Find a special needs tutor in just a few clicks or via a call with us today.

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