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Our outstanding GRE, GMAT and SAT teachers can help your child can achieve excellent scores in any of the standardised tests


Do you dream of pursuing higher education in the USA? You may truly make your dream a reality, but it won’t be that easy. You don’t just need a visa and a valid passport to get to your university of dreams abroad. You also have to pass an American college admission test depending on the course you are applying for – a bachelor’s degree, an MBA, a Master’s degree, or a doctoral degree. The purpose of the tests is to judge you on your:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Literary Skills
  • Knowledge

The GRE, GMAT, and SAT require absolute hard work, dedication, and crack guidance. A helping hand from an experienced and qualified GRE, GMAT and SAT mentor are therefore crucial to score good marks in those exams.


SAT for US Admissions

To study undergraduate at a foreign university in either the United States or Canada that takes about four years to complete.


GRE for Graduate Degrees

To be accepted to a master’s or doctoral degree program in the United States, Canada or universities in other countries requiring it


GMAT for Business Schools

To gain admission into the graduate management program of a US or Canadian business school

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Importance of GRE, GMAT & SATS Examinations

If you’re interested in sending your child or going abroad to study, it’s easy to look at the admission requirements of overseas colleges and get frustrated. Besides the standardised tests that are a big deal for most students, you’d also need a student visa and a valid passport to travel to the country where your favourite university is located. On a general note, students taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for undergraduate study will take it. Thus graduate students must sit down and pass the GMAT or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) Graduate Management Admission Test. For local candidates who are not familiar with the style and techniques for taking these GRE, GMAT, or SAT exams Singapore, it could easily turn out to be quite challenging.

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)

The test aims to assist Graduate Schools (of all fields other than business) in assessing the potential for advanced study of an applicant. Most US universities ask for GRE scores while inviting prospective students to apply. GRE stands out from GMAT. The GRE scores are essential for admission to many of the United States ‘ graduate schools, irrespective of the specialisation field of the graduate. It is known to be heavier than GMAT.

GRE can be a rather difficult exam due to these various aspects:

  • Solid math knowledge
  • Challenging vocabulary
  • Time crunch
  • Difficult writing section

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

GMAT is an aptitude test structured with a predefined syllabus. It is required for admission to many of the leading business schools around the world. Being a computer-adaptive study, it is one that tests the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills of the student, rather than a strictly handwritten test. GMAT is registered with the Admission Council for Graduate Management and is an entry test for graduate management programmes. A structured computer-adaptive test will access the expertise of the students for advanced business and management research. It also assesses the critical writing and problem-solving skills of candidates. This consists mainly of four sections: Critical Writing Analysis, Quantitative Section, Integrated Section of Reasoning, and Verbal Section. GMAT is offered numerous times every year.

GMAT is definitely a challenging computer adaptive examination. The complexity of most questions is, therefore, a result of how you did in the previous ones.

  • The Analytical Writing Assessment section (AWA) comprises an analysis of an argument. Candidates will write an assessment of the argument by evaluating the argument’s logic.
  • The quantitative section comprises of problem-solving and data sufficiency. The goal of this section is to access the capacity of quantitative problem solving and quantitative reasoning.
  • Integrated Reasoning section includes table analysis, graphics interpretation, multi-source reasoning and analytic skills. The aim is to test the candidates on their capacity to analyse data from multiple sources provided in multiple formats.
  • The verbal section of the GMAT measures the ability of the candidate to analyse the information as well as communication and reasoning skills, which are classified under reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning.
  • Challenging questions with multiple steps involved
  • No use of a calculator for the Mathematics section
  • A lengthy 3.5 hours test

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

The SAT is an assessment conducted with a vision of measuring the reading and writing skills of the students, which are essential to academic success in universities and colleges. The SAT is seen as the one way to demonstrate the competitiveness of a student and their likelihood of success in a course.

The SAT is daunting because one has to sit for almost 4 hours while answering questions that range from straight to mind-bogglingly intense. For many students, the following common features of the SAT pose significant problems:

  • In Critical Learning, candidates must check on their interpretation of texts such as literary topics, physical sciences, social sciences and humanities
  • In Math section, candidates will be tested in different areas of mathematics, such as complex equations or functions, linear equations and ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning, based on their understanding. Calculators can only be used in some portion of the section on math.
  • In the Writing section, candidates will be asked to choose the most suitable word in a sentence to replace an existing one.
  • Time Pressure
  • Novel Math Concepts
  • High-Stress Levels

Benefits of GRE, GMAT & SATS Tuition

The first step is to sit for a standardised entrance test before enrolling in a college or university abroad. SAT, GMAT, GRE are internationally recognized entrance tests for applying for schools abroad. SAT is the examination for admission to undergraduate programs, while GMAT or GRE is the test for admission to graduate programmes. In general, these tests are designed to assess written, analytical or knowledge skills in certain fields.

How GRE Tuition Helps

GRE scores are necessary for admission to many of the United States ‘ graduate schools, regardless of the specialisation area of the applicant. It is considered to be heavier than GMAT.

We have many highly qualified and dedicated tutors who aspire to help you reach the desired outcome. Our trained tutors are able to provide practical tips and direct you through to make sure you are well prepared for the test. Our home tutor can fit the day, time and location you choose, so you can save more time to prepare for GRE.

How GMAT Tuition Helps

GMAT scores are used as a gage to determine applicants ‘ suitability when applying for Business Graduate schools. The adaptive method by which questions are produced in the GMAT is able to distinguish the best candidates from the good ones, making it very competitive.

We have a group with GMAT tutors of experience who are expert in helping you to get the skills and techniques to train you for the challenge ahead. Our tutor can provide private tuition at your convenience, where you can select a schedule and location you prefer.

How SAT Tuition Helps

The difference in hiring a private tutor compared to going to a prep course is that private tutors allow flexibility in tailoring lessons to suit your needs and desired venue, day and timings. Our teacher can focus on the academic strengths and weaknesses of the student and can cater to various methods of teaching to better prepare the students for the test. Usually, we provide tutors who took the SAT to be experienced in directing the students towards higher scores. Our tutor will take care of the updated changes in the overall scoring and will adjust their teachings accordingly.

  • Comprehensive study plan:
    A good personal tutor can study the school schedule of students and the time they left before the test and set a suitable study schedule for the student.
  • Improve academic focus:
    A tutor in Singapore helps students keep an eye on what’s really important so that they don’t waste valuable time on content that won’t help much on the day of the exam
  • Expert help and guidance:
    A trained teacher will already be aware of the specific types of questions students face and will be able to train them in the most effective strategies for learning.
  • Top quality preparation:
    Students who study alone are generally unsure when they have read enough or are ready for the exams, while a private tutor may help on both fronts
  • Consistent guidance and support:
    Nothing inspires students more than realising that they have someone to run to when they have a quick question or need detailed explanations about a difficult subject or section
  • Experienced mentor to guide:
    A well-established private tutor can make the learning process exponentially faster with far better results than when students study alone
  • A useful parter with studies:
    Students do well if they have someone available and trained to help them wade through the amounts of academic work they have to deal with every day

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Our GRE, GMAT & SATS Tutors

For most universities and colleges in the United States of America offering four-year undergraduate programmes, the SAT is required. The GMAT is required for joining the business schools graduate management programs. The GRE is taken by undergraduates or degree holders who wish to be accepted to the higher programme. We’ve put together an excellent team of dedicated tutors who know the specific steps to be taken to see your child excel with ease. We’re going to make sure you have top-notch tuition in GRE, GMAT or SAT and come out with a top score to get them to their dream school.

Realising the evolving exam trend and tough competition among students to ace the GRE, GMAT or SAT test, we are constantly updating our teaching techniques to make our students’ learning experience more successful. Their GRE, GMAT and SAT tutors ‘ result-oriented approaches allow students to improve both their speed and accuracy when taking these exams.

Excelling in the GRE, GMAT & SAT Examinations

It can be extremely daunting to compete with thousands of students for the same international admission exams without the assistance of professional tutors. Our enthusiastic and qualified Singapore teachers are willing to step in and provide the expert support you need to scale through your admission test abroad. Our tutors are among Singapore’s best and are ready to give you the private tuition and treatment you need to succeed. Don’t expect it to be too late. Engage us and we’d be helping you with the tools, services and advice that they need to achieve their study objectives. It’s up to you, now. Now you have the ability to do something about or your child’s dream of study abroad.

In addition to recognising your academic strengths and weaknesses, our committed and trained tutors are there to optimize your ability and resolve your weakness. Of example, as there is time-constraint to complete each section of the exams, our tutors can help measure the time needed and assign the time needed of different test sections. Besides, our trained tutors will also prepare you better for the verbal segment by practicing with you and presenting you with the best answers.

It is significantly important to be well-equipped to achieve high scores before taking the test. As you compete with applicants from a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the topics, understand the question formats, clear your doubts and confusions, so that you will be well prepared with the knowledge necessary to do the exams well.

Preparatory Crash Course for Overseas College Admission

Many preparatory courses for admission to college abroad will cost a lot and you will not be able to get the full training you need to pass your exams. Unlike many regular school exams, the mastering of these requires different skills.

Our private tutor will be able to spot your weakness and strengths in the various test area and implement a lesson plan to focus on the various test pieces. For order to prepare for these tests of admission to college abroad, it is highly recommended to train with an experienced person who will not only practice with you, but also track your progress so that he or she can recognise your mistakes. It won’t be easy to get the best score in these tests, but it’s not entirely impossible. Whilst these exams are vital to paving the future, it is important to be well qualified to ensure that before the assessment he has mastered all the essential skills. And how can our Private Tuition SAT, GRE and GMAT help in your preparation? Our tutors in private will support you in:

  • Know the question formats and equip yourself with the right response techniques
  • Consistent practice on answering the questions in an efficient manner
  • Quality personal guidance on how to prepare and do well in the exam
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The Challenges of GRE, GMAT & SATS Examinations

GRE, GMAT and SAT are tricky admission exams Local students in Singapore who seek admission to international colleges frequently find it hard to understand or know what test makers need from them. Because they are set differently from the other exams to which Singaporean students are used, poor performance is very simple for students because they don’t know the test-taking techniques that offer an advantage to high-performers.

  • Does your child find the types of admission measures tricky
  • Are they uncertain how to properly tackle or plan for it?
  • Do any of those tests stand in their way of accomplishing their hopes of studying abroad?
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Tackling the Tests Strategically

We understand the process perfectly and can help with any of the standardised tests above to overcome any challenge that stands in your child’s way. Our tuition agency makes the best tutors affordable, depending on your interests or needs. Each of these tests allows students to become familiar with the test-takers’ basic perceptions of the question types, structure, and examiners. A professional teacher will easily clarify all of the above and train you mentally on how to successfully handle each section using several examples taken from past test questions. Our tutors can also help your child develop their speed and accuracy dramatically, which is extremely important for these kinds of tests.

Get the Best Preparation

GRE, GMAT, and SAT are tests taken to prepare students for study abroad, much like the IELTS. It’s the pathway to graduate from abroad and learn about western culture and lifestyle. These exams test the analytical, essay writing and comprehension skills–as well as pace and precision. We ensure that only experienced tutors are recruited and assigned to help your child ace them. There is no point of delay in teaching these standardised tests. Apply for a tutor who can help your child achieve a top score and fulfil their dreams.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the best match prices. In the GRE, GMAT and SAT admission exams, we made it our aim to help parents and students get support. Our excellent qualified tutoring team is specialised in delivering personal tuition in Singapore. To find a private tutor in just a few clicks or via a call, use our easy-to-use tutor request form. As a troubled parent searching for your child’s best tuition, you should rest assured of professional guidance and successful tutoring to train them for these difficult and hard-to-master tests of admission. We want you to know that for everyone standard tuition is open! Should you find it difficult to connect with an assigned tutor, please call us and we will provide a suitable replacement.

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