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  • Experienced tutors with sound teaching techniques
  • Structured teaching plan customised to your child’s abilities
  • Fresh approach to tutoring and practical application
  • Proficient tutors eager to share their knowledge of Chinese language
  • Easy-to-grasp techniques and tips for all levels of competency

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Our distinctive Chinese tutors are skilled at providing PSLE, A/O-Level Chinese tuition in Singapore


In Singapore, English is considered an important language, but children in Singapore should also be aware of the Chinese language, especially if they are born as Chinese. According to the 2011 census, about 74 percent of the Singaporean population comprised of Chinese, either partial or full, making them the largest ethnic group on the island.

Lack of communication skills with such a large group can certainly be a handicap. For Singapore, Chinese is one of Mother Tongue categories along with Tamil, Malay and English. It’s one of the toughest languages to master and the reason Chinese teaching and learning has become a challenge in schools. The subject is compulsory from Primary to Secondary School level.


Daily Communication

Understanding Chinese language is useful on a day-to-day basis as much of our Singaporean population speaks Mandarin Chinese.


Better Opportunities

Having a good command of the Chinese language means you have a much better chance to pursue your profession or do business and prosper in the world’s biggest market.


A Challenging Language

It’s one of the hardest languages to learn and the reason Chinese teaching and learning has become a challenge in schools.

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Importance of Chinese Language

The Chinese language is an extremely profound one. This is one of the main reasons why Chinese tuition is becoming increasingly important in primary, secondary and even JC. The only thing you can do to help your kids better excel in Chinese is make use of a Chinese home tutor’s services. The government has been taking steps to promote the language as the second most important language after English.

Parents remain confused as to why their children should be burdened with a challenging language like Chinese, but there are many good reasons for the same. The preservation of their rich history and culture is only possible for Singapore’s large Chinese ethnic community if their language survives the test of times. A large population, even Chinese people are finding English at home and at work much easier to communicate, and young children find it difficult to learn their mother tongue.

Chinese is spoken by 1 out of every 5 people in the world. The Chinese economy’s expansion has opened up the corporate world to Earth’s biggest markets. Therefore companies recruit a large number of people who can communicate in Chinese. When we look at local banks and other government concerns, their interviews always have a section dedicated to Chinese so that their staff can communicate fluently with Chinese-speaking local as well as international populations.

Benefits of Chinese Tuition

Finding a good Chinese tutor in Singapore is not going to be an easy endeavour. We can hundreds of students by providing home Chinese tuition programs offer to benefit their language proficiency significantly.

  • Specific Chinese curriculum for all preparatory levels:
    Tutors evaluate the children’s learning skills first, and then incorporate a unique style and structure to teach them. That allows for maximum learning without burden.
  • Build confidence in the subject:
    Our tutors will go as far as ensuring that your children develop a good command over the language. To promote comprehensive learning, we integrate both speaking and writing into our Chinese curriculum.
  • Passionate educators of the language:
    Our tutors have a passion for teaching and the idea of preserving and promoting their native language to budding learners
  • Overcome language barrier and obstacles:
    Private Chinese tutors help your child surmount their fear of Chinese by making learning fun
  • Renew interest in their mother tongue:
    Effective tutors will spark interest in Chinese by the stories they tell and the realistic teaching methods they employ
  • Tackle examinations with ease:
    Students get the new insights, strategies and tips they need to ace their Chinese exams
  • Following the official syllabus:
    Our tutors follow closely the latest MOE syllabus for the Chinese language and have many years of teaching experience
  • Gain solid advantage over their peers:
    Good Chinese teaching helps your child write outstanding Chinese compositions, understand difficult terms and speak fluent Mandarin to their peers

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Our Chinese Tutors

For most students in Singapore, Chinese is a compulsory subject while English is the standard medium of communication. That is why we brought in an amazing team of professional Chinese tutors who are ready and eager to put in the hard work so that your child can have a good foundation in Mandarin. We’re happy to get you a supportive and competent Chinese teacher who will ensure that your child’s language is doing extremely well. Engage us and we’ll be taking the opportunity to ensure that your child achieves language mastery with minimal effort. And, we’re not going to rest until your child shows tangible results for committing to private tuition with us.

Excelling Chinese Language Examinations

Our smart and outstanding Singapore teachers are well-prepared to give your child the special advantage they need to do well in exams as well as to be more successful on the marketplace. This can be achieved by personalised lesson plans, special attention to the common mistakes of your kids, and regular language practice with them. Our Chinese tutors know how to ignite a strong mother tongue interest instantly to ensure that your child continues to become a deep-rooted, well-cultured citizen.  Get your child customised home tuition that they need to improve their confidence and overcome all language barriers that stand in their way of acquiring Chinese language skills.

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The Relevance of Chinese Language

Let’s take a closer look at the global significance of Chinese. Worldwide, more than 1 in 5 people speak Mandarin Chinese as their mother tongue. With a population of 1.3 billion, China is the world’s largest market, and is speculated to soon become the world’s largest economy. Opportunities to work abroad and to leverage business partnerships in China are a huge possibility with globalisation. But, without a good understanding of the Chinese, you and your child will be in a big disadvantage.

  • Are they scared at how long and hard they think it would take learning Chinese?
  • Are they reluctant to learn Mandarin because they don’t see its relevance to their professional and career lives?
  • Need someone to ignite their interest in the topic and support them with winning strategies to get their exams done?


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Tackling Chinese Strategically

Doing well in Chinese In a way, choosing not to provide your child with a good Chinese tuition might mean shortening their career potential or future prospects. Singapore is a financial hub that is often seen as a bridge between the Asian and Western markets. Having skilled in Chinese is almost a must if your child wants to go into business or work worldwide.

We are one of Singapore’s biggest Chinese Tuition Agencies. We are providing a strong pool of qualified tutors to meet the growing demand for Chinese private tuition. We sincerely believe that having a strong foundation in Chinese would offer enormous benefits not only to exams but also to their spouses throughout life.

Chinese Tuition Rates

Lower Primary $20-30 $30-45 $50-60
Upper Primary $25-35 $35-50 $55-70
Secondary$25-40 $35-50 $55-75
Junior College $50-60 $60-90 $90-120
IB, IGCSE $25-55 $35-85 $60-120

Get the Best Preparation

Chinese is one of the subject most students are grappling with because many students who are not skilled in the language simply settle for a pass in their exams. Yet a high Chinese score will help your child’s overall grade improve. In reality, better grades in Chinese give them bonus points for secondary school students which they can leverage to gain admission to better junior colleges. Thankfully, we can provide the best Chinese tutors to make sure your child learns the language. The tutors can bring personalised teaching techniques to the table which can greatly reduce the time it takes for them to understand the key concepts and effectively communicate.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best match rates. We made it our aim to help parents and students get help in Chinese. In Singapore, our excellent team of qualified tutors are expertly trained to provide Chinese PSLE, O-Level, and A-Level tuition. You can find a private Chinese tutor in just a few clicks or by a call through our service. However, if your child encounters any problems with our tutor, please contact us and we will provide a suitable replacement.

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