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IGCSE Tuition

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Our qualified IGCSE tutors provide effective teaching to help your child ace the IGCSE examinations


If you are an international student, you would most likely not know what IGCSE is. What exactly is IGCSE? It is the acronym for an International Secondary Education General Certificate. The IGCSE is a program for international exams widely followed by most international schools in Singapore and around the world. In standard it is equivalent to the GCE ‘ O’ levels taken by most students in Singapore. IGCSE is taken at Year 4 (Grade 10) which is similar to Secondary 4 in the national school system in Singapore. Students may continue with the GCE ‘ A ‘ levels, SAT, International Baccalaureate (IB) program and various other certifications after obtaining the qualification.

The curriculum offers a variety of routes for learners with a wide range of abilities, including those whose first language is not English. There are over 70 subjects including 30 languages, and schools can offer them in any combination. IGCSE develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in the following areas:

  • Subject content
  • Knowledge and understanding applied to new and unfamiliar circumstances
  • Intellectual enquiry
  • Flexibility and sensitivity
  • Working and communicating in English
  • Influencing outcomes
  • Cultural awareness

Schools are involved in IGCSE Curriculum development. Although the future for the syllabuses is international, they maintain a local relevance.  They are built for a worldwide body of students and they combat cultural bias. The assessment includes written, oral, coursework and practical evaluation


The Most Popular Exam

IGCSE is the most popular, internationally recognized qualification for students aged 14-16 years


Private Tuition Available

Difficult for international students to find local IGCSE tuition centres in Singapore


Help Is Available

Suitable tutors who can travel to your home and provide effective guidance for your child in any subject

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Importance of IGCSE Qualifications

A two-year program offered by Cambridge, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is currently the most popular and internationally recognised academic credential for students aged 14-16. Unlike its international curriculum counterpart IB, Cambridge’s IGCSE meets the traditional O-Level structure and may be very difficult to learn. It is even widely regarded as tougher than most national exams, which is no surprise given that it is widely known.

With a highly competitive and challenging exam like the IGCSE, many students typically struggle to keep up with the rigorous syllabus and difficult concepts found in some or all of the subjects they have taken.

Schools are involved in curriculum development. While the outlook for the syllabuses is worldwide, they maintain a local significance. They are planned for an international body of students and they prevent cultural bias. Includes written, oral, coursework and practical evaluation.

O-Level provides fewer alternative coursework than IGCSE which uses a variety of evaluation techniques to test oral and practical skills, initiative and problem-solving, and abilities, knowledge, and understanding application. Additionally, students are praised for successful achievements such as what they learn, understand and can do. On the other hand, some O-Level syllabuses have been created to meet specific local needs, such as second or third languages in Singapore, for example. Chinese, Tamil, and Malay. Writing and reading skills are the emphasis of O-Level languages. Additionally, in O-Level sciences, there are more restricted practical test options and these constraints are advantageous for some schools where resources are limited.

Benefits of IGCSE Tuition

Private IGCSE tuition can help your child see tangible improvement in his results as well as personal motivation.

  • Prelim study needs analysis:
    Good private tutors begin with a full assessment of the student’s study challenges and skills
  • Customised lessons for every student:
    Students benefit from tutoring and lessons designed to match their specific study needs
  • Results-based learning:
    In school, learning is typically based on a scheme of study, but students can gain skills and learning strategies through private tuition that will rapidly improve their chances of successful examinations
  • Personal attention and guidance:
    A home tutor is completely available to meet the study needs of a student and, more importantly, offer 100% undivided attention
  • Reliable source of feedback:
    Benefit enormously from readily available input on their progress and readiness to take their exams, often serving as a boost to trust
  • Learning flexibility:
    Tutors go at the student’s speed and skill, meaning they slow down, return or go quickly with lessons depending on the student’s flow

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Our IGCSE Tutors

Because IGCSE is probably the most popular international exam, as students battle to outdo themselves, the competition gets more rigid. The smart way your child can compete favourably and have an edge over their peers is to get them from a trusted agency like us to get superior tuition. Over the years we’ve hired the best tutors who are well versed in the syllabus and can teach your child the skills and knowledge they need to do in their stress-free exams very well. Allow us to step in and assign the perfect tutor who can take their time to assess and effectively address your child’s key study needs. With us firmly behind them, your child will get the right guidance and study support they need in their IGCSE exams to significantly boost their grades.

Excelling in the IGCSE Examinations

Most students see IGCSE as easier than normal GCSE tests. Students from international schools find it extremely daunting to address the large syllabus for difficult subjects like Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, English and Literature. Our highly effective and results-driven tutors are pleased to work on a personal, close-knit level with your child to identify points of struggle and to check them out on the spot. Our tutors are specially trained in empowering your child with the tools and techniques they need to excel, and even prompting them to ask questions revealing their weaknesses in studying.

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The Challenges of IGCSE Exams

Students of IGCSE are tested in different forms including written, oral, coursework and practical assessments. Indeed, the syllabus is constantly being updated to remain relevant in the 21st century, and the struggle to keep up lay therein. Even the smartest of students can be confused and exhausted by trying to address a wide range of arts, scientific, vocational and language subjects at once if they do not already have a well-thought plan or study technique in place.

  • Does your child find it difficult to stay on track studying for their exam?
  • Do they find the syllabus scope wide and overwhelming?
  • Are they afraid they will not be ready for the exams at the current study rate?

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Get Expert Help with IGCSE

The IGCSE offers a comprehensive and versatile curriculum covering a wide range of subjects: Humanities, Math, Languages, and even Technical and Vocational. Most subjects of the IGCSE often require tiered levels: Standard / Foundation or Higher (SL or HL). Studying alone by trying to get past IGCSE Center papers for all of these can be so demanding, yet finding local tuition centres in Singapore can be very difficult for international students as most students take the traditional GCE O-Level exams offered by MOE. We truly understand the issues you and your child are dealing with. That’s why we provide tutors who are the best match for the specific needs of your child-who are also familiar with the latest syllabus requirements.

IGCSE Tuition Rates

IGCSE Grade 7 $30-40$40-50$80-90
IGCSE Grade 8 $35-45$45-55$80-90
IGCSE Grade 9 $40-45$50-60$85-95
MVP Grade 10/11

Get Faster and Better Results

Private tuition has recently become very common – with parents looking for undergraduate or graduate tutors who were taught extensively in IB and IGCSE or full-time tutors who are familiar with the syllabus. But there’s no need to go round in circles finding the right tutor to help prepare your child for the exam when you can come to us directly for faster and better results. Thousands of parents trusted us with their assignment of tuition and we never disappoint. With Singapore tutors registered from all over the island with our tuition service, we can quickly find your child a smart tutor who fits your specific tutoring requirements in terms of gender, experience, schedule, subject and venue.

Why Choose Our Agency

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best tuition rates. We made it our goal to help students get help through tuition. In Singapore we have developed the most comprehensive database of tutors from international schools. If your child has any problems with a tutor we’re assigning, let us know and we’d give a better match.

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