Literature Tuition

Literature Tuition

  • Experienced English Literature tutor to overcome study challenges
  • Access to special resources for acing exams
  • Overcome struggles and pain points through an experienced tutor
  • Fun learning experience with individual lessons
  • Improvement in Literature with quality guidance

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Our awesome literature teachers are extensively trained to offer IP, IB, O-Level and A-Level Literature Tuition


Literature is a compulsory subject for students in lower secondary education. Pupils are introduced to literature between the ages of 13 and 14 at a very young age. Typically at this point, literature is not a big deal as it is relatively easy. Because long as students have good command of the English language, they should be able to relatively easily pass on their literature. All students are required to take one or more humanities subjects at the upper secondary level in order to sit for their GCE O-Levels. Students have a choice here between geography, history or literature. Literature is the least-picked subject out of the three in most situations. This is partly due to the interest of the students but also because most students doubt that they will do well in literature as it is viewed as a difficult subject.


Expert Guidance

Experienced tutors will be able to teach your child how to read text and take into account the context from which to obtain knowledge and translate hidden meanings.


Undivided Attention

One-to-one literature tuition is a win-win for students and tutors by giving students quality attention.


Challenging Subject

Literature as it is viewed as a difficult subject due to its open-ended nature and required command of English.

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Importance of Literature

Literature is often thought of as the worst nightmare for a reader. This is because the way the author’s sentences are constructed and phrased can be confusing and even challenging if they are directed by a student who does not already have a strong foundation in the subject or a well-grounded literature tutor. Do not allow your child to waste a few days trying to crack the definition of a single sentence like that above.

Literature study is offered to high school students, students are introduced to literature study at a young age of 13, and literature study is usually fairly easy to understand at a lower secondary school level, but students may find it challenging as they move up to higher. Students with the qualities below will better succeed in the study of literature.

Benefits of Literature Tuition

The first and foremost thing to secure good grades in literature studies is to have a good grip on language, especially when it comes to English literature. The common questions for a student of literature are passage reading, description making, detailed writing, central theme and suggestion of titles. If a student is well versed with them they can be the high scoring regions. A student therefore needs to have comprehension skills and critical approach to pass literature review. Students find the symbolic meaning and philosophical essence of the chapters hard to understand. To them, for example, different commonly used literary words such as simile, metaphor, allegory, personification and meter that sound strange. So, it is obvious that these above-mentioned fields must first be understood by the students to excel the literature. Unfortunately, a teacher may not always be able to explain the subject in depth, given the time constraints and the large classes that they have to handle in most schools.

  • Expert study mentor:
    Link to tutors who have spent substantial time and resources to learn Literature
  • Strategic customised tutoring:
    Tutors can go straight ahead and discuss the parts students need support instead of simply wasting time covering all areas
  • Innovative study methods:
    Tutors should fine-tune the research outline to fit well with how much more time is left before literature exams for students
  • Faster improvement in results:
    Students can see clearly that they are progressing in literature and are thus fully committed to the learning process
  • Transferred exam tips:
    A private tutor in literature can provide the students with the knowledge and skills they have learned in just a few weeks or months.
  • General academic mentor:
    Good tutors can teach a student to master non-academic skills such as time management, overcoming fear, staying positive, which help them shine a long way in their academic life

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Our Literature Tutors

We are especially interested in getting experienced tutors in literature who are ready to impart the right knowledge, English skills and aptitude to your child so that they can face their literature exams with boldness and a winning perspective. Let us help your child break through all the barriers to learning that stand in its way to resounding literature success. With us firmly behind them, you can relax in their exams and look forward to a fail-safe result.

Of course we have tutors that are effective and results-oriented to help you improve your literature scores. The tutors help you understand complex sentences, literary texts, classical literature, American literature, art, themes, criticism, personification, description, interpretation, and other literature research aspects. In addition, they are able to assist you in planning for reading, tasks and tests.

Excelling in Literature Examinations

Our qualified and compassionate teachers are eager to provide your child with expert assistance so that they can easily excel in their literature exams. The tutors pay close attention to the particular needs and preferences of your child’s study and work very hard to overcome them. Take action now and get all the support that your child needs to overcome any studies obstacles that stand in their way of excelling in literature.

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The Challenges of Literature

School literature teachers may not always be able to explain every little detail because of time constraints and having too many students to care for at any given time. If your child is not outstanding in their English language order, it is very possible that without literature tuition they would face some difficulties in scoring well. A-Level literature kicks things up a notch. Not only is it much harder than O-Level and IB literature papers. A quick glance at the literature syllabus on SEAB would immediately reveal how tough and extremely demanding H1/H2 literature can get.

  • Does your child have a strong grasp of English?
  • Do they have trouble interpreting the actual meanings of many hard to crack words and sentences in English?
  • To them, do the texts sound like French?
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Tackling Literature Strategically

It is believed that literature is a subject that is hard to learn and important to have. A successful literature teacher will be able to simplify complex sentences, discover secret poetic meanings in literary texts, and teach your child innovative ways of answering exam questions so they can earn the coveted A in literature. Unfortunately, the subject that requires sufficient tuition is also the toughest to suit. The same set of study materials can be used for all H2 history students from the different Junior Colleges across Singapore, for humanities tuition such as H2 history tuition. This is not the case for literature, because different schools in the classroom use different material. To fully understand the particular book or literary work needed for the student the teacher must improvise and read through. Fortunately we have the most robust literature tutors site for your needs.

Literature Tuition Rates

Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90
University Level $60-70 $80-120 -

Score Well with Good Preparation

Being able to understand and read quotations from Shakespeare is such a nightmare indeed for any student. Do not waste valuable time out there with the literature teaching centers that place so much pressure on their tutors to care for more students than they can manage effectively. Our enthusiastic and compassionate literature teachers are ready to help your child build confidence and achieve success. Their tutors are loving, passionate and willing to give everything they need to see your child achieve a respectable grade in literature. So, for a good, professional literature tutor, get in touch with us for the very best results of writing.

Why Choose Our Agency

If you are searching for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers rates, convenience, attentive service and the best match prices, you are at the right place. We made it our mission to provide literature support to parents and students. Our excellent team of qualified literature tutors are expertly trained to provide Singapore literature tuition for IP, IB, Secondary’s O-Level and JC’s A-Level. Find a private English literature tutor in just a few clicks or via a call with our easy to use tutor request form.

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