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Our remarkable English teachers are skilled at providing PSLE, A/O-Level English tuition in Singapore


We strive to make every single lesson of English an adventure of learning. We think English language tuition should always be a meaningful and enjoyable process. For this purpose, in teaching methodologies and active learning approaches, our tutors embrace innovative ways of teaching to help inspire students to actively participate with a positive attitude towards learning in them. To ensure that our students have the advantage of success in the school exams, our qualified home tutors cover all components of school exams such as grammar and vocabulary, writing strategies and comprehension techniques, all based on the latest MOE syllabus.


Top Medium of Communication

English is the sole medium of teaching in from kindergarten to University and beyond in Singapore


Key to the Humanities

Many subjects, especially the humanities, require clear and concise writing in English.


Mandatory Papers

O-Level English and A-Level General Paper  are both compulsory for admission to a local university.

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Importance of English Language

Having a weak command of English will hamper your child’s future success as English is arguably Singapore’s most important subject. It is the medium of instruction at all levels of education and business. Without a strong background in English, students may struggle in other subjects such as math and science. For Junior College students, one of the most difficult subjects to score an A in (or pass) is General Paper (GP). If your child is not proficient in English, or you want them to aim further and score that elusive A, then you should waste no time in enrolling them for private English tuition.

Hiring an English tutor will be beneficial if you are having a hard time changing the way your kids speak and write habits. Aside from classroom accomplishments, English is also important for young students because our economy is multi-lingual and as they grow older they may find it harder to interact with their peers other languages effectively.

Benefits of English Tuition

For best English tuition in Singapore, we’re proud to be among Singapore’s best English tuition agency with the most skilled tutors around. The tutors are excellent at reinforcing Standard English principles in their students by showing them all the right words and lines. After being in the industry for many years, we observed that many parents ignore English as an important topic. They believe it’s easy and don’t need any extra training, just to find out at the end that their kids are unable to understand many things because of a weak foundation in the language.. For this reason, English tuition has become an important subject of tuition.

  • A good understanding of English helps in all other subjects:
    Many subjects like economics and literature require extensive writing that requires a good command of English, without which it will be challenging for students to excel in these subjects
  • Speaking and writing practice:
    Learn English effectively by creating a conducive learning environment that engages the student with the language in practical ways
  • Individual guidance and help:
    Students are immensely benefiting from extra study help from tutors who bring unique, value-added features that are different from what is available at school
  • Adaptive to your learning pace:
    Can student is special and would benefit enormously from English tuition at their own speed and time
  • Customised lesson plan:
    Students receive tuition based on the parts with which they struggle and not some one-size-fits-all solution to classroom learning
  • Convenient study times:
    Tutors come to students instead of the other way around, and students can save time and money that would have been spent on transferring to and from schools
  • Preferred choice of tutor:
    Nothing beats getting research aid from a mentor who understands the unique needs of the student and knows how to best help out

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Our English Tutors

It’s also why we have brought in an excellent team of Singapore’s best English tutors who are keen to do everything they need to see your child master English from primary to JC stages. Enable us to provide your child with a private tutor, gage their current level of English skills, and work with them until they achieve mastery of the subject. With us directly instructing them in the use of English Language, you can relax and watch them catch up and outshine their peers. Accelerate the mastery of English in your child by providing them the real help they need to excel in the topic.

A poor understanding of English means students will not only struggle to understand the basics of literature, but they will also face problems in solving complicated problems in other subjects such as math, science, and so on. Engaging a professional English tutor would mean helping your kids improve their English. At the beginning it may seem easy but certainly not an easy feat to master it well. We understand the pain of failing to find a good tutor for English tuition. When you employ one of our tutors, our tutors will help improve your child by providing them comprehensive reading, writing, comprehension, and grammar instruction. Our tutors will not only prepare students for classroom settings and exams but will also teach them general language skills to improve their overall communication skills.

Excelling in the English Examinations

Our passionate and subject-savvy teachers are ready to help your child excel in English so that they can continue to become successful, sophisticated people. Our tutors are thorough and committed to seeing your child overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way of English mastery. A private tutor can enforce a result-based learning approach to achieve significant improvement over time in English grades for your child. It is not possible to compare the individualised approach and attention you get with what English tuition centers offer. Get your child the English tuition they need now and shortly to perform favourably with their peers.

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The Challenges of Mastering English

It is difficult to attain English proficiency. Social media and the underlying ‘Singlish’ culture make it particularly difficult for Singaporeans to gain competence in using English language properly. Younger generation today prefer using slang words for their day-to-day contact. This is so mainstream that English teachers are now complaining that students do not use proper English when doing their assignments in English. Because of this, parents are often encouraged to make it a requirement that their kids speak English properly at home.

  • In their official writing for school work, does your child struggle to differentiate between proper English and’ Singlish?’
  • Has English Language influenced their performance in other subjects where good English command is needed to do well?
  • Does a lack of English skills keep them from putting forward their thoughts clearly and sensibly?
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Learning English Strategically

All of these boils down to a major gap in the use of English language that can effectively be improved with tuition. No wonder there’s growing demand in Singapore for private tutors. But it is not so easy to get a competent tutor. This is because an English tutor has a vast array of duties. These teach proper grammar and vocabulary, guide the student to write great essays, explain how to assess and address challenging questions of comprehension and assist develop critical thinking. They also help in equipping the student with the ability to express their unique perspective. But with all of the above and much more, we can get your child a professional tutor who can support them.

English Tuition Rates

Pre-School $20-25 $30-40 $50-55
Lower Primary $20-25 $35-40 $50-60
Upper Primary $25-35 $35-50 $55-70
Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90

Get the Best Preparation Possible

A good command of English language will help achieve so much more for students of all levels. No wonder high school students, particularly those in the Art Stream, realise that a strong English language background will give them a tremendous advantage in all their subjects. Most parents think English is an easy subject, so they can’t see why they need to invest in their children’s private English tuition. Instead, they choose to focus on more technical topics like Science and Math, because they feel that those topics are where their child needs tuition. This is an expensive mistake that may take years to get to the open. When children grow, parents also recognise that because of their poor background in English, their child is unable to understand many things. A good command of English through outstanding private tuition will give your child an enormous advantage over their peers for a lifetime, not only in their education.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the lowest tuition rates. We have made it our goal in English language to help parents and students get help. Our excellent team of qualified tutors are expertly trained to teach PSLE to A/O-Level English. We also provide classes for foreigners, as well as classes for adults. Find a private tutor in just a few clicks or via a call using our easy-to-use tutor request form. As someone interested in setting the right academic and career foundation for your child, you have seen the many features of a good English tuition for yourself. If your child has issues with a tutor we appoint to them, please contact us and we’d find a better alternative .

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