General Paper Tuition

General Paper Tuition

  • Experienced home tutors to improve grades progressively
  • One-to-one attention to master the nuances of GP
  • Help students improve their language aptitude and general knowledge
  • Customised lesson plans and teaching strategies catered for specific students
  • Reliable mentor for guidance to questions and assignments

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Our General Paper teachers are excellent at providing GP Singapore private tuition for General Paper A-levels


For General Paper in Singapore, we have qualified and outcome-driven tutors. Our handpicked tutors won’t deceive you if you want to improve your GP grades. Our home tutors have been able to assist students in homework, exam preparation, and academic syllabus by working on their ability to learn, comprehension, and language skills. Each year our team has supported hundreds of students to dramatically improve their grades in GP. Find the best tutor at home for that will provide your child with real help and expert guidance.


Challenging Subject

GP is a hard nut to crack and yet students must find a way to excel in as it is a compulsory H1 academic subject


Requires Strong English Foundation

Doing well in General Paper allows you to have a good grasp of the English language first


Overcome with Help

Private tuition can help as most students are not able to cope with studying GP successfully on their own

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Importance of General Paper

Students who join Junior College (JC) are surprised at General Paper’s (GP) challenging level of difficulty. As it turns out, GP is a mandatory H1 academic subject at Singapore’s A-Level Exams, where all students at JCs have to be assessed based on their English ability. The GP syllabus is also known as a step up from the English language in terms of its difficulty level. Although high school students can get away with writing expository essays and short stories relating to their own personal experiences, it is prohibited for students at GP to do so.

The syllabus was divided into two parts: Essay Writing and Comprehension covering topics such as culture, history, literature, philosophy, and English languages. A student also needs to have in-depth knowledge and the ability to explain the concepts. Students who are poor in these fields would certainly require additional guidance to do well in this large subject area. Choosing a mentor is also helpful if they need to discuss subjects that can be hard to understand.

Benefits of GP Tuition

GP being a difficult subject will require going over concepts a few times which is not feasible in the classroom. Concepts will usually have to be taught at each student’s pace in an individualised setting in order to maximise learning and progress.

  • Gain confidence in self-expression:
    Unlike a school setting in which a lack of confidence or fear of being mocked can stop a student from asking critical questions, private tuition can instil confidence and curiosity
  • Analyse every student’s weakness:
    A good tutor can go deep and track the sources of a student’s misunderstanding, and deal effectively with them
  • Learning in a conducive environment:
    Students learn from the comfort and convenience of home, making transition of information easier and faster compared to a classroom’s pressurised atmosphere
  • Professional mentoring and overall guidance:
    Experienced tutors may serve as mentors to solve non-academic problems that pose a threat to the overall performance of the school students

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Our GP Tutors

We have carefully assembled an impressive pool of professional GP tutors who are enthusiastic about overcoming the exact difficulties your child faces in the subject matter for A-Level General Paper material. Our tutors are professional and sincerely interested in helping your child successfully pass their exams. We are keen to work with you to ensure that your child is equipped with all the knowledge, tricks and strategies they need to easily ace their exams. Allow us to work with your child so that with the minimum effort we can help boost their level of confidence and significantly improve their grades.

We have more than 10 years of experience in delivering tutors for all topics like GP. We carefully selected experienced tutors to satisfy the tutoring requirement for this complex topic. Our tutors help the students in their homework, assignments, revisions, preparation for exams while working on their enhancement areas. Choose the most qualified tutors to start your lesson today to improve your grades.

Excelling in the GP Examinations

Our talented and considerate teachers are waiting for your child to be given the undivided attention and critical skills they need to win the exams. The tutors understand the benefits your child and them are experiencing when your child excels in grand style. They’re happy for your child and can move their studies forward. We are receiving more and more feedback from contented parents for our tutors. Don’t miss out on the awesome results your child will achieve with less stress through us. Equip your child with superb GP tuition that turns success into their struggles.

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The Challenges of General Paper

For most students, GP isn’t an easy subject to learn. The fact that GP is doing well requires students to be able to think critically, develop cogent arguments, underline the sophistication of thought, independent thinking and, of course, use English language skills. Besides that, students also need to spend a considerable amount of time researching and memorising facts based on a lot of subjects that can be completely boring. In a nutshell, students struggle primarily on two fronts, a clear command of the English language and an in-depth knowledge of material on multilevel GP topics.

  • Has your child struggled alone and had trouble doing well in GP?
  • Does your child score abysmally low in the subject compared to others?
  • Is your child afraid to take the next standard test because they’re afraid they’re going to mess it up?
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Tackling GP Strategically

In GP, essay writing is limited to long and formal argumentative-type essays, in which students are expected to respond to an incredibly diverse spectrum of topics in an informed, creative and critical manner. It covers history, economics, politics, philosophy, science, current developments, education, arts, mathematics, geography, and historical, financial, educational, economic, political, and philosophical issues. Forget about the GP training centres out there as they can’t give your child the undivided attention and maturity they need to succeed. In writing general paper essays and doing comprehension papers, a private tutor will be able to spend ample time dealing with the topics mentioned above with your child to evaluate, recognise and care for common mistakes and habits. A great private instructor will share personal content notes, conveying valuable knowledge and nuggets that the student can place on summary cards for quick reference and good scoring in GP essays.

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Get the Best Preparation

A student can go round in circles without a GP tuition, and make little headway. Students are easily overwhelmed with volumes on volumes of text to read and master and can settle for simply passing the subject. Today, the risk of just passing studying is that it’s easy to fall below par and fail the exam straight away. Fortunately, our experienced general paper tutors can identify the weaknesses of your child early on and work with them to gain the confidence and skills necessary to ace the exam. With adequate planning, our tutors provide enough practice papers, essay assignments, and comprehension questions.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the best private lesson prices. We made it our mission to help parents and students obtain support in the subject. Our excellent team of skilled tutors are expertly qualified to provide tuition for JC students. Find a private tutor in just a few clicks, or via a call, with our easy-to-use tutor request form. You must have observed the various benefits of top-class GP tuition as a forward-thinking parent eager to give your child the best tuition. If your child has any problems with an assigned tutor, please contact us and we will arrange for an appropriate replacement.

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