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AEIS Tuition

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Our AEIS tutors are experienced in helping your child pass their AEIS examination and get into local schools


Singapore’s education system is known to be particularly competitive and rigorous compared to other countries ‘ education system. It is therefore unsurprising that the AEIS Exam is found by many students from other countries to be relatively difficult and demanding. The number of applications for the AEIS Exam ranges from 3,000 to 3,500 annually, with passing rates varying year after year.


Gateway to Local Admissions

For placement in a local primary or secondary school in Singapore, all international students are required to pass the AEIS exam


Challenging Exams

The AEIS test may prove too difficult for applicants from countries of origin where the education system is not as demanding


Professional mentor

Personalised guidance to ensure students are fully prepared to take and excel in the exam

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Importance of AEIS Examinations

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is an annual examination for international students who wish to join local mainstream primary or secondary schools in Singapore, organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE). To obtain a placement in a local school all international students are required to pass the AEIS exam. It is also important to note that Singapore’s education system is widely seen as comprehensive and competitive. The exam may, therefore, prove too difficult for applicants coming from home countries where the education system is not as rigorous.

Kids are well known to have a complex nature, each and every entity has varied abilities to understand and interpret various subjects. The level of comprehension and interest is based on their particular taste and attitudes. The centre offers intense revision building the trust of a child, removing their fears, and encouraging them to implement highly productive revision plans so they can score high across critical crash courses.

With passing rates dropping each year, it becomes increasingly important for foreign parents to seek proper guidance from local tutors in Singapore to get acquainted with the syllabus and examination requirements, which may differ significantly from their home country’s curriculum. All international students who do not have a place in the mainstream schools in Singapore who wish to seek admission to the levels of Primary 2–5 and Secondary 1–3 are required to pass the exam to secure a seat in a local school.

Benefits of AEIS Tuition

Every year the AEIS Exam bar gets higher, making it harder for a foreign student to crack the exam. There is a wide range of students who fail to pass the AEIS Exam each year due to many reasons, such as a lack of preparedness or a sudden environmental change. Education placement officers, who help foreign kids enrol in local and international schools, said the overall situation is tougher. There were more requests for places in the local school but fewer successes. The concourse is serious. Given the limited seats available, it is appallingly difficult for foreign students to secure a place in a local school. Appropriate advice from an experienced instructor in Singapore to excel in the exam is a requirement, not a privilege. A foreign student would find it very difficult to integrate immediately with the Singaporean curriculum. A helping hand in the form of private AEIS coaching in Singapore would help a student understand the syllabus and develop the skills needed to answer the examination questions using the appropriate format and process.

  • New learning methods via your tutor:
    Private tutors bring a fresh view on learning that is different from what parents and school teachers receive
  • A mentor to guide with studies:
    Students do better if they have someone available and qualified to help them wade through the volumes of academic work they have to contend with every day
  • One-on-one direct engagement:
    Most of the time, all a student needs is a private tutor who can genuinely listen, advise and help out their study frustrations
  • Useful study mentor:
    An experienced tutor can help a student shake off all self-doubts and work on their weaknesses – so they go in with a successful mentality for the exams
  • Guidance from an expert:
    Students benefit immensely from a mentor’s advice and support, who can guide, advise and lead them to sections they can focus more on

  • Help with challenging questions:
    Students get into exam mode several times with a tutor who can act as an examiner and help create a near-real exam environment

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Our AEIS Tutors

We have recruited an excellent team of qualified and committed tutors who know exactly how to help your child confidently and easily prepare, study and tackle their exams. Let us connect your child to the right tutor for both elementary and secondary schools. We are ready to empower your child through top-class tuition so that they can go in and ace the exams on a go. Don’t just hope things get better with the preparation of your child. Reach us and we’d be lending a helping hand before they successfully cross the bridge.

We provide a launchpad for its graduates to receive a place at the end of their two-year junior college career in some of the country’s most prestigious universities. Invest wisely in your future by hiring a trained JC home tutor to make your learning process more easier.

There is no secret to succeeding. It is the result of preparedness, hard work, and failure-learning. Our professional tutors don’t leave any stones unturned and make their students learn from their mock test failures, boosting their chances of success in the main exam.

Excelling in the AEIS Examinations

Our qualified Singapore teachers understand the challenges your child faces in preparing for the exams on their own, and are ready to step in with innovative, effective techniques for predictably and effectively tackling the exams. Our tutors would be ready to give your child the undivided attention and determination required to excel in their exams The ball is in your court. Now, before it’s too late, you have the opportunity to act quickly. Support your child with everything they need to face their exam.

Hiring a local private home tutor’s services can help give your child a head up in the exams syllabus and marking standards. In addition, the tutor will be able to give your child step-by-step guidance and train them on the examination format and response techniques that will make them pass their examinations. Not only will you child fail because of lack of content; they might also fail simply because they are not familiar with the right methods for answering exam questions.

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The Challenges of AEIS Examinations

Foreign students seeking admission to Singapore’s local primary and secondary schools often struggle to understand and pass the exams. Therefore it is crucial that your child receives proper guidance and know what to expect in terms of the standards of the syllabus and examination, which differ from what can be obtained in their home country.

  • Is your child ignorant of the syllabus and what to expect from the exam?
  • Are they struggling because they are different from what they’re used to?
  • Have you tried to help them by yourself without going any further yet?
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Tackling AEIS Studies Strategically

We highly advise foreign students to take up tuition before going to the exams. Our experienced teachers will ensure that the child has proper tuition with the right books, with a lot of practice. Our teachers will train and direct your child by learning the correct format and responding techniques in answering exam questions. We’ll help our students get to know the Exam Syllabus and give your child a much higher level of confidence to win the test challenge! Home tuition is suitable for students who are under the Dependent Pass or Student Pass, who have a reasonable stay in Singapore, to concentrate fully and prepare well for the exam.

AEIS Tuition Rates

Level / Tutor Experience Part-Time TutorFull-Time TutorSchool Teachers
Primary 2-3$25-30$35-45$55-60
Primary 4-6$25-35$40-50$60-70
Secondary 1-2$30-35$40-50$60-75
Secondary 3$30-40$40-50$65-80

Get the Best Preparation

The Singapore AEIS exam, which is held around early October only once a year, is tested in just 2 subjects: English and Maths. Applicants in the exam are tested predominantly on mathematical skills and English literacy. There are also eight different levels from Primary 2 to Secondary 3, with increasing levels of difficulty depending on your child’s level of application. Because AEIS is a localised test that opens the door to your child’s schooling in Singapore, it is one with which they can’t afford to play or fight alone. They guarantee that only local tutors who have been through the local school system can help educate and train your child for the high local standards that they need to measure up to. Whether you’re only searching for a short-term private tuition for your child or you’re just looking for a dedicated tutor to continue teaching your child even after they make it into a local school, we’ll be happy to help you and provide you with a suitable, professional home tutor to meet all the study needs of your kid.

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You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best match rates. We made it our goal to help parents and students get assistance in exams. In Singapore, our exceptional team of professional tutors are expertly trained to provide the tuition. Find a private tutor in just a few clicks, or via a call, with our easy-to-use tutor request form. You’ve seen the multiple benefits of quality tuition as an anxious parent looking for top-notch tuition for your child. We want you to know that tuition is open to everyone! If your child doesn’t get along well with our tutor, call us and we’d get a better replacement.

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