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  • Experienced tutors help for scaling through hurdles in Tamil
  • Dedicated tutors eager to instil interest in the language
  • Expert help and shortcuts to do well in examinations
  • Quick and easy learning with someone to practice Tamil with

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Our competent Tamil teachers are good at providing Tamil private tuition for Primary, Secondary, JC, and adult learners


Although the Chinese make up the highest population in Singapore, many Indians also reside in Singapore. Hence, Tamil shares similar importance with other languages of Mother Tongue, such as Malay and Chinese. Even at school, choosing a second language after English is mandatory for students and most Indians prefer to study for Tamil.


National Language

Tamil is a national language in Singapore predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka with millions of native speakers around the world.


Practical Applications

A good understanding of the language gives students the ability to appreciate the language’s history, and opens the door to job opportunities in the global economy.


Additional Benefits

You get to be well-grounded in the culture of Tamil, and you can communicate effectively in the language

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Importance of Tamil Language

It is not uncommon for parents to experience difficulty learning or teaching Tamil language to their child. Finding the right tutor for your child can also be such a hurdle since it can indeed take so long to find the right fit for them. In Singapore, Tamil is one of the four official languages spoken mostly by the largest ethnic Indian population. It is also the language with the longest educational history in Malaysia and Singapore. In India and Sri Lanka, Tamil is commonly spoken, making Singapore one of the three countries in the world to make Tamil an official language. But considering the broad adoption of English as the official language in Singapore, for most Singaporean students, Tamil is a tough nut to crack.

Parents who are worried about the success of their child in Tamil must seek Tamil tuition. The tuition will support them in more than one way. Many Indian families with Tamil backgrounds are switching increasingly to speaking English at home. So while the kids are being prepared for English, they hardly get a chance to practice Tamil. Classroom settings offer only a limited time frame for teachers to give lessons to all students, and many at times the weaker ones lag behind and lose confidence in their abilities.

Learning Tamil is not merely meant for passing exams. People in many Asian countries apart from Indian and Singapore can understand the language. A large number of emigrants from Tamil Nadu, India are from Malaysia, South Africa, Canada, Mauritius and other countries. So, the use of Tamil tuition seems to be the best choice for reasons mentioned above and for your own personal reasons to help your children master the language. As we consider international students, Tamil is also much easier to learn compared to Chinese.

Benefits of Tamil Tuition

Having established a foothold in Singapore’s education industry, we are today considered to be the preferred choice for the tuition of all subjects, including Tamil. There are plenty of explanations for why parents also sought our assistance.

Our tutors would come in to give Tamil lessons right at your home. Your children will no longer need to spend time and energy on commuting to colleges. Our tutors not only cover the syllabus of the school, which is important for passing exams but also make efforts to increase the command of your child over the language.

The most imperative thing to learn the basics of any language is an environment which gives the child plenty of opportunities to communicate.

  • Proficiency in Tamil language:
    Private tuition will allow students to learn, read, write and speak fluent Tamil more quickly
  • Efficient help for tackling a difficult subject:
    Like mathematics where you are taught how to apply formulas, learning a language such as Tamil only improves with constant practice
  • In-depth explanation of concepts of grammar 
    Tutors bring years of teaching experience to the table, splitting hard concepts into bit size
  • Favourable student to tutor ratio:
    Individualised learning for Tamil means learning at a pace with which students are comfortable
  • Flexible selection of tutors:
    Parents can do without tutors who are not good, and go for a tutor who is suitable for their child
  • Access the latest resources and content:
    Private tutors spend more time and effort getting up to date with the latest skills, techniques and tricks that they bring to the table unlike a school teacher who is already overwhelmed by the scheme of work at the school

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Our Tamil Tutors

In Singapore, Tamil is a national language spoken by the country’s third-largest ethnic group. Yet, most Singapore schools do not have Tamil classes. Students from various schools usually gather for group classes. As a result, very little time is given at schools to learn the language. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to sign on to an impressive team of tutors who share similar enthusiasm and a dedication to seeing your child overcome any language barrier they face through tuition with Tamil. We are ready to provide a highly skilled tutor who will ensure that your child earns the confidence they need to do well with zero hassles in their Tamil exams.

Our tutors train your kids to read, write and speak Tamil. Unlike other technical subjects, such as math and science, there is no short cut solution for learning Tamil, so regular practise is the only mantra for excellent results. Apart from classroom practice, tutoring can give children extra time to sharpen their concepts, and become fluent in the language.

Excelling in Tamil Examinations

Trust us when we say it’s not fun and not easy to learn Tamil by oneself. Our adaptive and cooperative teachers in Singapore are ready to give your child the special edge they need to overshadow their peers in Tamil after studying at home. Our tutors can’t wait to help your child achieve mastery in Tamil, so they can turn out to be patriotic, well-rounded people. With specially tailored lessons, tutors have the expertise needed to make your child choose a strong interest in the language. Involve us and, in a very short time, we will change the learning experience of your child. Get the expert home tuition your child wants to perform favourably with their peers.

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The Challenges of Learning Tamil

Tamil can be difficult to master. Students have to write Tamil essays often, which can be very difficult for those who have not attained an appreciable level of proficiency in the language. The truth is such students will need the assistance of a Tamil private tutor to improve on their writing skills.

  • Is your child having difficulties reading, writing, and speaking in Tamil?
  • Do they struggle because there’s no one to speak the language regularly with?
  • Are they scared they’ll mess up if they go in for their exams in their current state?
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Mastering Tamil Successfully

A proficient Tamil teacher will help your child to better appreciate the Tamil dialects and the growing popularity of the language. Aside one-on-one tutoring brought to your child at any location in Singapore, our tutors are also patient, courteous and friendly and will go the extra mile to ensure your child learns Tamil without stress. We provide Tamil classes for adults in Singapore too. A special approach like this that brings out the many values of attaining a high level of proficiency in the language will ensure your child learns passionately and not grudgingly. This means they learn faster and easier.

Tamil Tuition Rates

Pre-School $20-25 $30-40 $50-55
Lower Primary $20-25 $35-40 $50-60
Upper Primary $25-35 $35-50 $55-70
Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90

Get the Best Preparation

Much like Hindi, Tamil is not used at all in schools. Hence, the likelihood of students forgetting or making mistakes in the language will be much higher. If family members and friends only speak English to students, mastering the language can be so unrealistic. Yet, having a good command of Tamil with the help of private tutors can enable students to learn how to use their first language with greater precision and purpose – beyond doing well in school exams. We are readily available to support you or your child with good tuition with Tamil classes. Our Tamil tutors are well-trained which means they can bring the latest and most effective teaching tools to help your child master Tamil quick and easy. They are also able to work based on the schedule you set for them – giving you extra value for your investment on your child.

Why Choose Our Agency

If you’re looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best match rates, you’re at the right place. We’ve made it our goal to help parents and students get help in the language. Our outstanding team of professional Tamil tutors are expertly trained to provide tuition for Primary, Secondary, JC – and even tuition for adult learners in Singapore. With our easy-to-use tutor request form, find a private tutor in just a few clicks or via a call. As a worried parent interested in giving your child the best tuition in Tamil, you can see the super benefits of good tuition. We are excited to tell you that Tamil tuition is available for all. In case your child struggles to connect with an assigned tutor, get in touch and we will provide a more suitable replacement.

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