Diploma & University Tuition

Diploma & University Tuition

  • Professional assistance with high demands of diploma or university
  • Tackle difficult questions with learnable methods
  • Exam tips and techniques by proficient tutors
  • Individual support from tutors who have obtained higher qualifications
  • Gain unique perspective from tutors with valuable industry experience

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Our experienced tutors are competent at providing diploma and university tuition to help students manage the challenging tertiary education


Singapore is regarded as a world leader in research and innovation making it the first destination choice for many students to pursue their higher education. The perfect combination of policy imperatives and top-ranking universities has paved the way for the remarkable recognition of Singapore as a regional higher education, science, and innovation hub. For quality education, to excel academically comes the tough competition among prospective students. University education in Singapore is highly competitive and it is difficult to find any affordable university tuition in Singapore, we are well equipped with numerous qualified diplomas and university tutors who can support as you aspire to excel in your university exams. This will help to build a solid foundation for a successful career in the future.


Independent Learning

Polytechnics and universities offer minimal supervision and teaching to students


Not Easy To Seek Help

It’s not as easy to find a private tutor for university or diploma courses as finding a tutor for primary or secondary education subjects


Expert Support

Highly-qualified tutors who are keen to help you in your diploma and university modules

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Importance of Tertiary Education

Once you gain admission into Polytechnics or Universities and the euphoria of admission disappears to the background, you might quickly realise that tertiary level education is miles apart from primary or secondary school education. You’ll discover that polytechnics and universities offer not enough teaching and supervision to students. All the hand-holding students were used to at the secondary and primary levels – all gone! Truth is, at the tertiary level, students often struggle with the unfamiliar and complex nature of the courses being taught. And yet, they must get their acts together quickly and find a way to overcome all the challenges that stand in their way to study and exam success at this crucial phase of their academic life.

The courses offered at polytechnic colleges and universities vary from the interest of each student. Students have the luxury to choose from a range of courses: engineering, accountancy, business, medicine, or science. Those with a relevant degree have an advantage over job seekers without a degree. As a student advances to tertiary education, it does not get any easier. Moreover, the university and polytechnic lecturers and professors offer little to no supervision for students. Lectures are conducted for large cohorts. In most cases, it becomes very difficult for the lecturer to provide each student with personal attention and assistance. The modules of the university are challenging and many students require guidance along the way. Tasks like Assignments, Projects, and School Work become especially daunting when each student is more or less expected to perform independently. For parents, their child’s academic result is a top priority and they leave no stone unturned to make their child stand out from the competitive crowd. Parents are getting sagacious these days and are going ahead with tuition lessons for their children to make them score well in university examinations. According to a recent study, 1 in 2 Singaporean parents spends over $500 per month on their child’s tuition. Sadly, not all parents are able to find a suitable or right tutor for their child. With our long, successful years of experience in providing tuition for polytechnic and university students, you can count on us for the success of your child in university and polytechnic exams.

Benefits of Tertiary Tuition

Individual Diploma or University tuition can help deliver much-needed orientation as experienced tutors can explain and help students get used to the new, tough tertiary-level education system. Students receive valuable insights and advice during their research on how to reach and maintain a high level of academic success. However, a successful mentor can impart information and also encourage students who find it difficult to cope with using stories of struggle to achieve which they can relate to. Very often students often struggle to keep up with the break-neck speed at which the lecture room teaches new lessons, but private tuition helps fill the gap. A student can prepare for exams with proper discipline in attempting practice questions while lectures are still ongoing, through the help of a forward-thinking tutor.

University modules can be very difficult and some help may be required along the way. An outstanding University Tutor in Singapore can thus help the student conquer the many obstacles that stand in the way of exceptional results.

  • Customised learning experience:
    Students feel embarrassed when they’re tertiary students to have home tuitions at age. But it’s an honest fact that not every one of us is learning at the same rate. All students have a different learning pace and their strengths and weaknesses are based. As such, our tutors provide one-to – one guidance to each student to help them excel in the examinations and assignments at university.
  • Gain access to thousands of qualified tutors:
    Our team is rigorously managed and revised to ensure our tutors are qualified and dedicated. We are well known for its highly dedicated and professional tutors at universities. We have a pool of tutors with every level and subject, including music, languages, and tertiary modules.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed:
    In order to achieve our results, we focus on what you need and dedicate ourselves to achieving it without compromising integrity. Within your budget we offer the best tutoring services with the aim of establishing a long-term working relationship with you.

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Our Diploma & University Tutors

In Singapore tertiary education is ranked among the best in the world. Of example, there is also a huge demand for students to stand out with the top ranking. Students are expected to study really hard in Singapore and go the extra mile to bag their certificates and degrees of choice. Here we have a robust team of expert teachers, ranging from graduates, PhD holders, lecturers to NUS, NTU, and SMU professors who are keen to help you excel in each of their diploma or university modules by accelerating the learning process; covering up gaps in understanding, and helping to tackle tough concepts or courses that give you sleepless evenings. We have some of the best tutors at the degree and university who can provide tuition for both polytechnic and university students, even for specific topics.

Excelling in Poly & University Examinations

We know the particular challenges students face at a tertiary level like you, where you are often left alone to arrange and care for your own study needs. Sometimes even teacher appointments can be hard to arrange. Let our team of experienced tutors assess your current level of understanding, determine your exact points of struggle and work hard to help you solve them and overcome them.

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The Challenges of Tertiary Education

Tertiary exams can be complex and difficult to cope with Having to study for upcoming exams, and it can be such a difficult task to know the right way to answer tough exam questions. And yet, if they are to expect to succeed, they need to get it right. Due to the fact that the tertiary system is modern, fast-paced and full of advance courses and concepts that are often too difficult to cope with, students easily fall back or become overwhelmed in a bid to stay afloat.

  • Confused about how to deal with tertiary education’s new and difficult realities?
  • When should you get ahead in your polytechnic or university studies?
  • Worried you’re going to perform badly in the next exams?
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Studying Tertiary Education Strategically

No doubt the transition from secondary or diploma to tertiary education can be surprising and disturbing for the new structure and specifications. Nevertheless, if you want to advance their studies and follow the career of their dreams, students like you must quickly overcome your surprise and get on the new train. It is not as easy to find a private tutor for university or diploma subjects as finding a tutor for topics in primary or secondary school. That’s why we took time and effort to build an excellent and comprehensive Diploma and University Tutors database in Singapore. For students who have completed the exact same course with flying colours or accomplished full-time tutors who can lead on the basis of their own extensive experience, we usually source. For students taking SAT, GMAT or GRE, our experienced tutors offer help. You can count on us every step of the way with our long years of experience providing tuition for polytechnic and university students.

Diploma & University Tuition Rates

Level / Tutor Experience Graduate TutorMasters Degree Above
Diploma Module$55-70$70-100
University Module $60-70$80-120

Get Effective Preparation

Tertiary level private tuition can be an effective solution. This is because tertiary education is very peculiar in that the program assumes students are far beyond the point where they need step-by-step instruction, and so teachers often provide guides and expect students to learn and understand their own body of knowledge. This puts most university students in a lot of confusion about next steps as planned. Luckily, we give both diploma tuition for students obtaining a diploma certificate and private tuition for students earning a degree at university. Our tutors effectively dissect courses concepts and address tutorials and past questions in order to help polytechnic students get up to speed. We also found that recent university graduates are typically more appropriate for tutoring undergraduates because of shared experiences and familiarity with the program and syllabus of the universities.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides consistency, comfort, attentive service and the best rates. We’ve made it our mission to help students get help by a diploma or college tuition. In Singapore, our exceptional team of professional tertiary tutors are ready to provide diploma or university tuition. Find a private tertiary tutor by enquiring with us right away. If you have any concerns about the tutor we assign to you, call us immediately and we’d send you a carefully selected replacement.

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