Primary School Tuition

Primary School Tuition

  • Highly personalised tuition tailored to your child’s exact study needs
  • Quality tuition to make up for gaps in classroom teaching
  • Flexible teaching timetable that aligns well with school schedule
  • A primary school tutor that is the right fit for your child
  • Efficient way to to see fast improvement in grades

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Our passionate Primary School tutors are here to guide your child on their academic journey


Most parents want to give their child a head start in their education journey. However, not all children may not be able to cope with both the school and parents ‘ pressures on their academic performance. From the outset, Singapore’s education system is demanding to most students throughout their entire academic journey. Our mission is to help ease their journey and prepare them ahead of every challenge.


Compulsory Schooling

Primary school education is compulsory for every child in Singapore


Learning Foundations

Primary school is where most children form the foundation of their learning habits


Gain an Edge

A good primary school tutor will help prepare your child to face the challenges ahead

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Importance of Primary School Education

Singapore is known for its competitive and comprehensive education system, which is consistently ranked in the various global education surveys among the top three countries in the world. Schooling starts at a tender age of 6 in primary school is where most Singapore kids get their first taste of the 12-year long educational journey.

Here is where they form the foundation of their learning habits. It’s also where they start to get exposed to many new rules, teaching methods and learning criteria that they’re not used to, eventually culminating in the PSLE exams.

There are three major reasons why tuition for primary school is highly sought after by parents in Singapore:

  • Your child is underperforming in comparison to his cohort
  • Your child is performing well, but you would like to give him a competitive edge
  • Your busy work life leaves little time for personalised teaching for your child with his school assignments

Benefits of Primary School Tuition

Over the years we have become a reputed brand in the field of education by delivering the most effective solutions for parents in Primary School students.

  • Assist with specific learning needs:
    Primary School home tutors can assists students with specific learning needs to develop the full potential of the student
  • Extra push to fulfil study potential:
    Students benefit from extra lessons and support to tip the scale of success in students’ favour
  • Extra help for an under performing child:
    A good Primary private tutor is able to help a student gain confidence to start performing to their ability
  • Useful study partner to help learn faster and better:
    A private tutor is able to work as a team by setting goals and analysing ways that the student can succeed
  • Detailed diagnostic assessment:
    Experienced tutors start the tutoring process by conducting detailed assessment of a child’s learning abilities and weaknesses

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Our Primary School Tutors

We have carefully selected an exceptional team of tutors at primary school who know exactly how to give your child the benefit they need to outshine their peers. Let us help you find a top-quality Singapore primary school tutor who’s the right fit for your kids. We’re going to go the extra mile to see your child get the best home tuition for primary school ads providing valuable services such as free test paper – so they can perform at the optimum level needed to set the pace for a bright future.

Kids at a tender age have to handle the complexity of academic subjects such as English, Math, Mother Tongue and Science at the same time; along with the responsibility of discipline and peer pressure. Our teachers  are fully equipped both at the emotional and mental levels to handle children in order to help educating the young ones. Whether it’s English tuition for primary school or any other subject, we’re working with the goal of improving students ‘ academic basics while preparing them for greater challenges ahead.

  • Learning ahead of the class
    Tthe child will be prepared for new topics much before the class in order to attain greater understanding by the end of it.
  • Tutors are available during holidays 
    We use holidays to conduct intensive student review sessions to further improve their comprehension of what has already been learned.
  • Specialised service with good degree of flexibility 
    Unlike a restrictive school setting, both students and parents will unhesitatingly open up and share their concerns with the teachers.

Excelling in Core Subjects

Building a good understanding of the core subjects through successful Primary English Tuition, Primary Maths Tuition, Primary Science Tuition, and Primary Chinese Tuition can go a long way in deciding if a child’s educational path will be long and arduous or enjoyable and satisfying.

Our top-class and effective primary school teachers are ready to break through the study barriers of your child so that they can appreciate and get the most out of their primary school education. Our tutors are enthusiastic and committed to providing your child with individual support and guidance.

We are committed to delivering quality tuitions for all kids from a young age. We want to help parents and students build a strong academic base which will prepare students for everything that lies ahead. Successfully facing challenges boosts the children’s confidence in achieving what they’ve set out for. There’s no better time setting up your child to a successful future. Get the extra support your child needs to outperform themselves!

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The Challenges of Primary School Education

Primary school is the first real experience with school-related problems for a student, who has to alternate between four different subjects while keeping up with co-curricular, CIP, VIA, and various homework and tasks. All of these can easily overwhelm and frustrate a child just familiarising themselves with the formal school system. In addition, peer pressure and stress also prevail which affect their social, mental and physical health.

  • Is the whole formal school system and new and challenging standards for your child?
  • Are they frustrated by the volume of work that they have to attend alone
  • Have you ever tried to step in and help without any tangible progress yet?
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Getting A Strong Head-Start

Giving your child a proper head-start will improve their self-esteem and academic success at a point in their life when having a good feeling about their studies is extremely important. A good foundation will often work wonders in helping a child stay on the right track throughout their upbringing.

We fully understand what your child faces during the early years of formal schooling, and can work confidently with them to conquer any tough step that can adversely affect their understanding of education. We put extra effort into getting your child a supportive and professional primary school tutor whose primary objective is to help your child excel in their primary education.

Primary School Tuition Rates

Level / Tutor Experience Undergraduate TutorGraduate Part or Full-Time TutorSchool Teachers
Primary 1$25-30$35-45$55-65
Primary 2$25-30$35-45$55-65
Primary 3$25-30$35-45$55-65
Primary 4$25-35$40-50$60-75
Primary 5$25-35$40-50$60-75
Primary 6$25-35$40-50$60-75

Gain a Competitive Edge

Most parents ask if they should enroll their child in a teaching centre. While that alternative may be somewhat cheaper in the short term, in terms of value-for-money or performance results it can not measure up to primary school home tuition.

Private primary school teaching is designed to provide your child with undivided attention and a comfortable learning environment. If your child is the hyperactive kind who can’t sit still for a little while when other kids are around, primary school home tuition is the perfect solution.

Private primary school tutors also help your child gain a competitive edge over their peers and help deal with the incredibly challenging school curriculum they would otherwise be battling alone. It also helps your child to form good, strong, learning habits from the word go that will prepare them for success.

Why Choose Our Agency

If you’re looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best match primary school tuition rates, you’re at the right place. We’ve made it our goal to help students get help in primary school tuition. Our outstanding team of professional primary school teachers are expertly trained to provide home-based tuition in Singapore.

As a caring parent searching for your child’s best primary school education, you’ve seen the amazing benefits of Singapore’s standard primary school tuition. If your child faces any problem with a tutor we appoint, please contact us immediately and we’d interfere free of charge with an acceptable substitute.

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