Integrated Programme Tuition

IP Tuition

  • Our tutors can guide students from various IP schools
  • Help to gain admission into top local or Ivy league universities
  • Perfect one-to-one preparation for IP’s curriculum
  • Early introduction to advanced content to keep you ahead
  • Emphasis on continuity from IP exams leading to A-levels

integrated programme tuition

We provide tailored IP tuition to help your child ace their IP exams


The Integrated Program (IP) is a platform for high-performing high school students in Singapore to obtain impeccable high school and junior high school education by proceeding directly to junior college after skipping the GCE Ordinary Level (O-Level) exam.

The IP is a six-year program, culminating in the GCE A-Level Certificate or other diplomas such as the International Baccalaureate (IB). The Integrated Program curriculum is both tough and unique. Students often find it hard to cope with it. Besides, locating an effective IP Mentor in Singapore is typically a challenging task. ChampionTutor will help you find the IP mentor you were searching for to get to the zenith of success.


Viable Alternative

IP students enjoy a head-start in landing university admissions in Singapore and overseas


Difficult Syllabus

The IP syllabus is usually harder depending on the specific school


Quality Help

Tutors familiar with IP syllabuses that vary among schools

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Importance of IP Education

The Integrated Program (IP) is a great way to improve learning for high performing high school students in Singapore. It provides these students with a great head-start in landing university admissions in Singapore and abroad by giving them the opportunity to proceed directly to Junior College instead of standard GCE’ O’ level exams. At first glance, this seems advantageous but the IP syllabus is tougher than standard secondary schools. In addition, it is often not consistent between different IP schools. It can be very difficult to find suitably qualified and experienced tutors who are familiar with each school and can manage the unique syllabus.

The IP was initiated with a vision of targeting the top 10% of the batch and providing them with intensive and rigorous’ through-train’ training. It would enable them to optimize the time spent preparing for the GCE ‘ O’ Levels to inculcate wider learning experiences that would help harness their creativity, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and leadership abilities. Some schools, however, will continue to have school-based assessments to assess the success of pupils.

Benefits of IP Tuition

All our qualified IP tutors have the experience of teaching the specific syllabus and helping your child pass his ‘ A ‘ Levels Exam with exceptional scores. The IP tuition syllabus was thoroughly studied and structured to deliver the best learning experience for your child.

IP tuition will provide your child with holistic learning as well as taking advantage of the examination skills as students undergoing the IP will have one less chance to take advantage of their examination skills as they do not need to take O-Level exams.

The competition from traditional students will be strong and rigorous for the A-Level exams. Therefore, our personalised IP student tuition will allow them to learn in schools holistically and to gain valuable examination skills to perform and score well in the all-important A-Level test. 

  • Personalised attention and guidance:
    Due to varying work schemes in different schools, our private tutor will tailor his notes and lessons to match the specific needs of a school.

  • Self-study skills:
    Tutors can help the students develop good learning habits and independent learning skills
  • Develop an advantage over peers:
    Good tutors can prepare students before tests and quizzes, so that they can easily surpass their peers
  • Personal development:
    Aside from tutoring, tutors cultivate the sense of pride of your child and motivate them with the trust they need to excel in their day-to-day school work
  • Discipline and work ethic:
    Tutors ensure that the students do all their homework and double-check to ensure that they are also on board with school work
  • Peace of mind:
    Students and parents can relax in the knowledge that they receive the academic assistance they need and can focus on living, respectively

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Our Integrated Programme Tutors

That’s why we took the initiative to screen expertly and select the best team of professional tutors who are passionate about teaching and are ready to help your child prepare for and sail successfully through their exams. Let’s appoint a home-based teacher to go the extra mile to see your child overcome all their doubts and approaching their studies with the exact attitude that leads to success. Allow us to equip them with the information and mentality they need to go in for their tests and ace them at a go.

The students will be motivated by a motivated tutor-all our tutors are well-experienced and familiar with the syllabus. They don’t leave any stones unturned to motivate and encourage students to improve their academic skills. A dedicated IP teacher will complement the traditional classes that each student attends in school with a much-needed addition.

Not all quality education comes at a high price- It’s a reality that a good tutor is hard to find in Singapore. At the comfort of your home, at competitive tuition rates, we are keen to provide you with qualified and best-suited tutors.

Excelling in the IP Examinations

Our IP-trained tutors are able to provide your child with the one-to-one guidance, training and direction they need to succeed with minimal stress. Our tutors understand the IP program’s intricacies and are specially trained to impart the exact skills and tactics that your child needs to shine in their IP program. Don’t wait for this to be too late. Our tuition teachers stand out from the pack because they are versatile; have extensive work scheme experience in teaching students from various schools; and are specially trained to handle the Integrated Program syllabuses. Get your child the extra support they need to get a handle on their education now.

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The Challenges of IP Education

For most students, the syllabus is highly challenging. It’s true that students need not prepare for the traditional O-Level exams. This means they ‘re able to leverage their free time to explore other interests and pursue their passion in diverse areas, and also acquire soft skills which are evaluated in school-based assessments to measure their progress. But since the IP syllabus is much harder than O-Levels, any free time is usually spent struggling to master the essential concepts that students are preparing for in each subject. Physics, for example, isn’t on the same level as O-Level physics. Physics syllabus is wider and includes students to understand and appreciate key concepts as well as to be able to solve unorthodox issues in exams.

  • Does your child find the job scheme IP hard to cover?
  • Are they battling key concepts in some or all of the topics they are taking?
  • Have you tried finding a mentor, and still need to find the right fit for your child?
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Tackling the IP Syllabus

Tackling the IP program once and for all The IP route puts your child at a better advantage than their peers following the O-Level route-but the benefits come at a high price for most students fighting alone, trying to overcome their daily hurdles with the program. And, if you’re trying to secure an IP tutor for your child, you’ll quickly find that they can be so difficult to get through since each school has its own syllabus, making it so much harder for tutors to know how to help your child. Our tuition is designed to fit the schedule for your child and the syllabus for their education. We also provide private tuition for students attending the same school and using the same syllabus.

IP Tuition Rates

IP Year 1 $35-40$45-55$65-80
IP Year 2 $35-40$45-55$65-80
IP Year 3 $35-45$50-60$70-85
IP Year 4$40-45$50-60$70-85

Get Effective IP Tutoring

It’s very important for your child to attend tailor-made and successful IP lessons in terms of both syllabus speed and scope. The following gives an idea of what English and Math offer good private IP tuition:

IP English TuitionIP Math Tuition
Argumentative essay writing techniques and tips
Techniques and practices
Function & Calculus
Summary writing tips
Comprehension answering techniques
Narrative, expository and discursive
Sequence & Series

Why Choose Our Agency

If you’re looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best tuition rates you’re at the right place. We’ve made it our goal to help students get help via tuition. Our outstanding team of professional tutors are well equipped to provide IP tuition in Singapore. Find a private tutor in just a few clicks or via a call using our easy-to-use tutor request form. As a loving parent looking for the success of your child, you’ve definitely seen the special features of good IP tuition first hand. We would like to stress that tuition is available to all! And, should your child find it hard to connect with an allocated tutor, please contact us and we’d provide a better replacement.

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