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Malay Language Tuition

  • Private tutor to help overcome language obstacles
  • Experienced tutors who are passionate in the mother tongue
  • Professional assistance and fresh perspectives for excelling in Malay exams
  • Expert learning methods that puts students ahead of their peers
  • A useful mentor to practice Malay with regularly

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Our qualified Malay teachers are skilled at providing Malay home tuition for Primary, Secondary, JC, and adult learners


Malays living in Singapore, similar to the Chinese and Indians, have a preference to choose their mother tongue. Majority Malays will choose their mother tongue as their native language. Although Malays are the minority in Singapore, the emphasis on honing this topic should not be overlooked. Overall, more people are talking in English in Singapore, whether at home, at work, or in schools, the medium of education is English, and no matter where we go, people would understand English. It is not surprising under such circumstances that we also lose touch with our mother tongue and may find challenges in forming cohesive phrases.


Widespread Use

Malay is a national language in Singapore with official language status in countries like Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, spoken by millions around the world.


Mode of Interaction

With a good command of Malay, you can warmly interact with people when traveling for business or for leisure in the region.


Cultural Exchange

Be exposed to the rich Malay history and also learn how to read, write and communicate fluently in the mother tongue.

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Importance of Malay Language

It’s common for parents in Singapore to have a difficult time understanding or teaching their child the Malay language. Malay is one of three official Mother Tongues that are commonly spoken by Malay descent Singaporeans. It is also an official language of Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Singapore, English is the official language and the most widely spoken, as it is used in almost every setting. More and more Malay students, particularly in English-speaking homes, are neglecting their mother tongue to Malay. For this reason, trying to master the mother tongue is like learning a second or third language which for most students is far from being an easy task.

According to the emerging trends, coaching their children in Malay is becoming increasingly difficult for parents, as the language level is getting higher, parents are usually stretched between work and taking care of the children, not to mention, guiding their child in school work is certainly not an easy feat. The best option in such a scenario is finding a good tutor.

Benefits of Malay Tuition

Private Malay tuition can in many ways help your kids. For all parents who find it difficult to inculcate the child’s interest in liking the Malay language, a tutor can help infuse that. With years of industry experience and teachers committed and enthusiastic in teaching Malay, we will help you attain your language goals.

Although textbooks are available for excellence in a classroom setting, an individual curriculum like ours will be best for fully understanding the language. Even because there are several students with different learning levels in each class, the teachers will seldom account for each of them. You can get your child to learn at his comfort rate with a personal tutor.

Second, most schools are going to give the students home assignments which may not always be within their reach. We will end up copying the material from their textbooks, which is not going to help them improve their exams and excel. A teacher will identify the child’s weakness by pointing out its faults and helping to correct it on the spot.

Thirdly, only a few classes per week are scheduled for Malay in a school environment, whereas all other subjects are also taught in English, which has, in turn, provided students less opportunity to practice the language. Students can learn to read, write and speak the language more fluently with one-to-one tuition.

  • Improve in Malay language:
    Home Malay tutors will help students conquer their anxiety and fear about the language
  • Instil new passion for mother tongue:
    Experienced tutors will renew students ‘ interest in Malay by the way they present and practice the language with them
  • Excel in standardised examinations:
    Tutors bring refreshing ideas, exam tips and innovative methods to help the student easily score
  • Learn based on the current syllabus:
    Well-grounded tutors work with the new MOE syllabus to hold relevant knowledge acquired in the language
  • Outshine their peers with added advantage:
    The tutors help students comprehend, write and eloquently speak the mother tongue

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Our Malay Tutors

The reason we’ve hired an excellent team of tutors from Malay who are willing to pull their weight behind your child to ensure they’re successful in the mother tongue. We’re excited to be providing a reliable and experienced Malay teacher who would make sure your child can master Malay easily. Engage us and watch how the mother tongue makes your child succeed. Take responsibility for the progress of your children in Malay. Give them all the help they need to do exceptionally well in their exams.

We have a selected bunch of well-trained tutors that can help you overcome adverse situations: The home environment does not allow children ample opportunities to practice speaking Malay, as most of them speak English. There is a lack of interest in learning Malay because the language would not be used by many people in schools, or otherwise. Some students face the language attrition issue, where learning one language interferes with learning the second. In this situation, English interferes with language learning.

Excelling in Malay Examinations

Our dedicated and supportive Singapore teachers are ready to work with your child until they gain language mastery, so they can become deep-rooted, connected citizens. Our tutors are willing and able to do everything they need to make sure your child masters Malay, including providing extra tutoring sessions, evaluation books, test papers, and more. We can find tutors for younger students who are skilled in making the lessons enjoyable for your kids. Equip your child with the right Malay tuition they need to excel in their exams and measure in society as well as a marketplace with their peers.

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The Challenges of Mastering Malay

The Malay language can be challenging to master. Your child may keep on trying to learn the mother tongue in circles. The easier and faster way to learn Malay, though, is through a qualified tutor taking lessons. But in Singapore finding an appropriate tutor can be quite a challenge.

  • Does your child get overwhelmed by how hard and frustrating it is to master Malay?
  • Are they dragging their feet because they can not see how it would be helpful for them to get grounded in the language beyond just passing the exams?
  • Have you ever tried to get them an appropriate tutor with no headway yet?
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Tackling Malay Language Strategically

If you are a parent already considering coaching your child in Malay, a more effective approach would be to hire a Malay tutor who has the experience and expertise to help your child master the language Aside a busy work and family schedule, you need the right training and teaching experience to be able to impart the right knowledge to your child. A good Malay tutor, on the other hand, is equipped with effective teaching methodologies and is conversant with the current MOE syllabus for the Malay language – which ensures great value for you and your child.

Malay Tuition Rates

Pre-School $20-25 $30-40 $50-55
Lower Primary $20-25 $35-40 $50-60
Upper Primary $25-35 $35-50 $55-70
Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90

Get the Best Preparation

Mastering mother tongue languages such as Malay or Hindi has several practical benefits. Learning Malay allows you or your child to communicate freely, even across borders, without having to worry about language barriers. Besides, children are learning more in their mother tongue. Gaining Malay language mastery is an important step towards saving the mother tongue from extinction. In the PSLE and O-Levels Malay is also a subject. We can deliver the best tutors that will help your child master the language. Our tutors can deploy the best and most appropriate teaching methodologies to help your child grasp the language more quickly. Furthermore, they can also work with your schedule and customize the learning style to fit the exact language needs of your child.

Why Choose Our Agency

If you are searching for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides efficiency, comfort, sensitive service and the best rates for Malay tuition, you’re in the right place. We have made it our aim to help parents and students in the Malay language get help. Our excellent team of skilled tutors are expertly qualified to provide primary, secondary, JC and even adult learner tuition in Singapore. Find a private tutor in just a few clicks, or via a call, with our easy-to-use tutor request form. You can see the multiple benefits of good tuition as a parent who is interested in giving your child the best tuition. We’re excited to let you know tuition is here for everyone! However, if your child has any problems with our tutor, please contact us and we will gladly send in an appropriate replacement.

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