History Tuition

History Tuition

  • Passionate and knowledgeable history tutors
  • Specialist history tutor with a strong background
  • Helpful mentor for history assignments and homework
  • Fun history lessons to generate interest
  • Access to latest exam papers and resources
  • Improve history grades with useful exam tips

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Our history tutors are trained to provide IP, IB, O-Level and A-Level History Tuition Singapore


History is a popular subject amongst students amongst the humanities. This imparts information about significant past international events as well as regional events, allowing our younger generation to understand how different factors contributed to events occurring as well as the implications behind actions. A-Levels History tests are hard to tackle however. This is because exam questions tested on the inference and critical thinking skills of students on case studies at different levels, while asking students to seek further review of the material they learned from the textbook. Students must demonstrate a depth of historical understanding and demonstrate the ability to clearly and effectively interpret the sources.


Compulsory Subject

Every student in Singapore must study history in lower secondary, and later choose between pure, combined history and geography in upper secondary.


Lessons from History

History classes help students link what they know about the past to real-life events of the present day.


Learning Purpose

The bigger picture about history revolves around understanding why and how historical events took place over memorising key events and dates.

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Importance of History

Studying humanities at an early stage allows your child to make meaningful comparisons between present and past, to understand why society is shaped in certain ways and to gain wider perspectives on other cultures. All of this works together to help your child grow into a potential healthy, discerning, inquisitive, compassionate and intelligent person.

As history is very important for the overall development of the aptitude and even national identity of your child, great care must be taken to ensure that they are in touch with the subject and are doing well.

History allows us to understand and learn from past experience and failures of individuals, and to find out how to make our lives better in the future. It will be a serious mistake for anyone to ignore history, in particular repeating past mistakes that could mean losing significant learning opportunities for posterity. Learning humanities at an earlier age helps students draw parallels between present and past circumstances, understand why society is structured in some ways, and gain more perspectives on different societies. These are all important events that help your kids get prepared for the future and not take things for granted.

Benefits of History Tuition

History is not a simple subject in the field of humanities generally. This requires a deep understanding of the different countries ‘ culture and history. Every recorded information has the cause of the event influenced by a factor. It may be made up of political powers, greed and ambition, several events happening at various times and locations. Therefore, one needs to have a good grasp and deep understanding of what they are learning. Hiring a private tutor to direct him through his History topics will give him a deeper understanding of the topic. A good tutor knows how to engage your child in learning history, including teaching clear historical principles, making mind maps, sharing interesting historical stories to inspire learning, etc. With a good history teacher, your child has the higher chance of doing their exam well.

  • Direct individual engagement:
    A professional private tutor who is freely available to assist and answer any questions
  • New perspective to learning history:
    A private tutor may give a student a simple, more successful way to prepare for examinations
  • Bridge knowledge gaps:
    Home research fills the gap created by a rapidly paced classroom environment
  • Improve academic performance:
    A dedicated instructor is available to mentor students and imparts special research strategies equals performance improvement
  • Sustain subject interest:
    Private tutors keep the minds of students focused particularly during long holidays when students tend to play hard and forget everything that they have learned.

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Our History Tutors

In Singapore, we have put together an excellent team of history tutors whose job is to assist your child in his history studies. We’re happy to work with you to help your child do well in history. With us, as exams pass, they never have to suffer sleepless nights or battle fear. With the history research help and guidance that you need now, you can inspire your child so that they can go through their exams for trust and excellence.

Excelling in History Examinations

Our team of exciting and professional teachers in Singapore is ready to help your child succeed in history so that they can achieve their goals of research, be it pure History or Combined Humanities. The tutors are compassionate and committed to seeing your child conquer all the obstacles in the way they do well in the subject matter. Don’t take too long to decide. Get the tuition for your child that they need to contend with their peers at school and when they start working.

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The Challenges of Learning History

History certainly isn’t an easy subject for humanities. Once you’ve completed Junior College (JC), the quality that history students expect will become much higher. Firstly, they must get acquainted with the subject quickly. Second, they have to comprehend important historical issues. And thirdly, they need to know how to cite sources and construct logical arguments. The real hurdle comes from being able to memorise large quantities of historical facts and figures; having a clear understanding of the complexities of historical topics in different periods and societies; and possessing the writing skills required to deliver well-constructed essays.

  • Do they find content-heavy texts of the past that they have to read?
  • Do they find it difficult to recall the important dates and incidents that affect crucial points of time?
  • Is the amount of work to be done overwhelming for them?
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Tackling History Strategically

A private history teacher will be a tremendously valuable benefit for your child with all of these to deal with. Only imagine what happens if they have to go on this trip by themselves. Thankfully, a good history teacher can teach your child effectively how to analyse data sources, construct mindmaps, build proper history essays, and much more. This alone will significantly improve the history grades of your kids, regain their faith and prepare the ground for tomorrow’s light.

History Tuition Rates

Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90
University Level $60-70 $80-120 -

Score Well with Good Preparation

Our professional history teachers are able to work with your child and have them scoring in history. Our tutors are among the most experienced history tutors who are able to impart the latest skills and techniques to answer the tricky questions of history exams. Don’t just sign your child outside with one of the tuition centers that can’t provide tailor-made tutoring. Ask us instead for an outstanding private history teacher to get the best outcomes of learning. Who knows, your child might have a long-term interest in pursuing history. History certainly isn’t an easy subject for humanities. Let our professional tutors help love your child and excel in the subject. So, whether you’re looking for humanities that are pure or mixed, need a male or female mentor, or prefer MOE humanities instructors, we can go the extra mile to fulfil your exact needs.

Why Choose Our Agency

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for a background tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the best match prices. We made it our mission to help parents and students obtain support in the subject. Our excellent team of Secondary School, IB, and JC History tutors are expertly qualified to deliver quality instruction. Find a private history tutor in just a few clicks, or via a call, with our easy-to-use tutor request form. However, if your child has issues with an appointed mentor we will step in immediately however find a suitable substitute.

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