Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry Tuition

  • Experienced private chemistry home tutors
  • Tutor familiar with chemistry syllabus
  • Access to latest resources and exam papers
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  • Master chemistry with the guidance of a good tuition teacher

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Our first-rate chemistry tutors are excellently trained to provide chemistry tuition from secondary school up to tertiary level


Chemistry has bagged a bad reputation for being one of the dull and complicated subjects. In addition, the Ministry of Education (MOE) tests the chemistry students on a wide variety of skills with a complete set of theory and practical testing methods. It makes Chemistry even more complicated but it is still not a boring subject once the student begins to understand the concepts. Good news is that chemistry is a subject which can be learned in Singapore with the help of an excellent chemistry tutor. The only features needed in the students are an enthusiasm for hard work and faith in his preparation.


Essence of Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter.


Importance of Chemistry

A sound chemistry background helps students understand biology and physics principles, allowing them to take tertiary level engineering courses.


Private Tutor Guidance

 An exceptional tutor from us can help your child scale through their struggle points while supporting them with their upcoming tests and exams.

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Importance of Chemistry

During secondary school, more than 50 per cent of students who go through the Singapore education system took chemistry. Everyday is a constant struggle for many students, with the Ministry of Education (MOE) evaluating students on a whole range of skills through chemistry theory examination papers and school-based science practical assessment (SPA). The reality is that there’s a large amount of chemistry material your child needs to keep up with. Plus a rigorous practical test, and hard-to-master examinations. Therefore as a parent you need to employ the services of a tutor in private chemistry who has the right training and experience to help your child.

Benefits of Chemistry Tuition

Upon reading the syllabus one can come to a conclusion that the student will have to succeed in both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject in order to achieve excellent grades in Chemistry. It becomes easy to reach this milestone if you go for your child with effective chemistry tuition in Singapore. Whatever the requirement: O-Level, A-Level, JC, H1/H2, IB or IP Chemistry Tuition, we will provide an individualised study experience that will allow your child to acquire in-depth knowledge and effectively explain doubts. If you are looking for a mentor you should expect the following benefits from us:

  • Excellent value for money:
    Private tutors offer quality teaching in the subject chosen because they enjoy what they do
  • Customised lesson plans:
    Tutoring is customised to the specific needs of the student and based on where they face problems
  • One-to-one instruction:
    Students have the full attention of one mentor at their fingertips to answer their questions and put down their problems
  • Conducive learning environment:
    A supportive learning environment means students can openly discharge their minds and tutors can assist with trouble spots
  • Guidance with assignments:
    Rather than getting stuck or frustrated by homework, they should take it home and get help from their private tutor
  • Advantage over their peers:
    Students receive support outside of school, which increases their motivation and success in the classroom

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Our Chemistry Tutors

We can provide all the encouragement to research they need to comfortably outshine their peers and ace their chemistry exams. We’ve made the effort to build a superb list of outstanding good chemistry tuition teachers in Singapore who would ensure that your child never has to fight back with the subject again. Don’t watch your child go around in circles with no clear-cut answer to their many problems in chemistry. Our experienced tutors are waiting to direct your child to success personally, so that they can have more time to study other subjects.

If you’re looking for a good tuition in Singapore the first thing you need to search is a tutor’s qualification. The most important thing for any teacher conducting chemistry tuitions is having good academic knowledge and qualification. We ensure that our tutors are able to break down the most complicated concepts of chemistry into easy to understand concepts students will maintain for a lifetime.

You will be able to get one-on-one guidance from a mentor through the private chemistry tuition in Singapore. A private tutor will concentrate on you alone, and will teach you at your pace. Our tutors will work closely with you to develop achievable goals that will help improve your grades.

The more experience one has in tutoring students, the more human natures are known and how best to approach them. Not only are our tutors well acquainted with chemistry, but they also hold a good knowledge of how it is taught at different levels of classrooms. Many of our tutors are either working at schools or have been a part of the Singapore schooling system and severed as teachers at some point in their careers.

Excelling in Chemistry Examinations

Now is the time to win our high performance chemistry tutors in Singapore with chemistry home tuition to teach your child every chemistry subject in a way they can easily understand. Our tutors will help your child to do well, whether at the basic level beginning with O Level Chemistry tuition, IB Chemistry tuition, A Level Chemistry tuition (H1/H2 Chemistry tuition) or all the way to polytechnics and tertiary level tuition. Instead of depending on teaching centers that do not provide personal guidance or personalised assistance, you can ask us for a home tutor and almost instantly reap the benefits.

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The Challenges of Chemistry

Students are quick to tell anyone who wants to know that Singapore’s Chemistry exams are extremely difficult. This is mainly due to the collaboration between MOE & SEAB and the University of Cambridge in preparing A-Level papers in Singapore which makes it much more difficult. Chemistry’s thorough analysis is a hard nut to crack if the student’s mind doesn’t suit the concepts of chemistry well. Nonetheless, private chemistry tuition sets the springboard for your child that will allow him to fly high into the productive sky.

  • Is the correct application of formulae tricky?
  • Are they having problems with periodic table topics, organic chemistry, or related hard to understand subjects?
  • Does all of chemistry feel like a major obstacle to overcome?
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Tackling Chemistry Strategically

The thing is that your child needs a professional chemistry teacher to break down complicated formulae and simplify complex chemistry divisions into simple, understandable blocks. Once your child is taught by our mentor, they start by evaluating what they already know and then figure out which places they would need guidance. They’ll teach a definition after that, and then allow your child to ask questions. In addition, the teacher tests the level of understanding of your child by challenging them to be sure that they will catch up with the lessons taught. Your child can also point their tutor to any aspect they have problems right away, so that the tutor can pause, go back and re-explain the lessons through a new method before your child fully understands it.

Chemistry Tuition Rates

Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90
University Level $60-70 $80-120 -

Prepare Well with Home Tuition

Doing well in Chemistry comes at a price that is hard to pay, particularly when students are left to go on the journey alone. And that’s why demand for tuition in particular continues to experience an increase in JC Chemistry Tuition. The definitions are complicated, and the students get discouraged and start dreading the topic without some professional help along the way. Students can look forward to wading through the volumes of complex data and getting a good grasp of the core science subject, with the aid of private Chemistry tutors and A-Level Chemistry tutor. Our tutors are among the best in their profession, which means they will work with your child in their exams to achieve amazing results.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the lowest tuition rates. We made it our mission to help parents and students get help in the best teaching of chemistry. Our excellent team of highly qualified experienced teachers are trained to teach tutors at secondary tuition in Singapore, IB chemistry tuition in Singapore, IP chemistry tuition in Singapore, junior colleges (JC) A level chemistry tuition in Singapore (H2 Chemistry Tuition), polytechnics, up to tertiary level. If your child does not suit well their assigned teacher, we will provide an acceptable substitute at no additional cost.

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