O-Level Tuition

O-Level Tuition

  • Proficient tutoring from experienced teachers
  • Extensive help and guidance with assignments
  • O-Level Home tuition and structured guidance
  • Passionate tutors familiar with the O-Level syllabus
  • Efficient methods and tips for tackling examinations
  • Mentorship for with homework and non-academic matters

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Our distinguished O-Level tuition teachers are trained in providing O Level tuition Singapore


GCE O-Level, commonly referred to as O-Level, is an exam administered annually by MOE and CIE in Singapore. A pupil is required to take the subjects such as English, Mathematics, Local Language, Science, and Combined Humanities in an O-Level test. Cracking the O-Level with good grades means that your kid can easily get admitted to Junior College (JC). Strong exam results also give students an opportunity for overseas studies admission.
It is one of Singapore’s hardest exams to crack, owing to the frequent changes in the syllabus that MOE makes each year. For example, Secondary 3 syllabus level is now applied to Secondary 1 whereas Upper secondary students have advanced syllabus taught in higher levels beforehand.
Despite increasingly tough exams and lots of subjects to cover, students are often inundated without tuition. That’s why parents should find the right tuition centre to help the student learn.


Gateway to Higher Studies

Your child must pass the O-Level satisfactorily to advance into JC, Polytechnic or higher.


Increasingly Challenging

It gets more and more challenging by the year as the syllabus gets reviewed frequently


Quality Preparation

Quality preparation for your child that can quickly produce desired results

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Importance of O-Level Examinations

The MOE makes the GCE Ordinary Level Examinations tougher each year. To a 15-year-old studying 8 for 9 different subjects, ranging from physics, chemistry, and biology to history, geography, and even account concepts, is understandably intimidating. No wonder many secondary students are struggling to succeed. Singapore’s deeply entrenched academic program is evident, and the O-Level is a vital factor in deciding whether or not your child finishes their 12-16 year academic journey as a university graduate. Doing well at the GCE O-Level gives your child the ability and flexibility to decide whether to go to a junior college (JC) or a local polytechnic.

Benefits of O-Level Tuition

The main advantage of having an O-Level home teacher or going to a training centre is that students will have access to personalised instruction. This argument may seem like an over-generalisation, but it’s a general trend because tuition teachers realise that the students they teach are in front of them because they need the extra push and encouragement. O-Level tuition teachers would have space and comfort to understand the learning speed of their students due to the small size of their class and to be able to apply the teaching method that best suits their students so that they can effectively absorb and analyse information. Tutors could also evaluate the pattern of errors of their students, and train them accordingly. They would also figure out the train of thought for their students and make them understand concepts in ways different for each person. What seems unfathomable is that some tutors may even be able to measure the span of attention, level of concentration of each student at any given point in time, and they would know the methods of getting their students back to reality if they are distracted or daydreamed. The benefit of having O-Level tuition for students is that, for several reasons, they will be able to clear the questions they were unable to have with school teachers.

  • See quick improvements in performance:
    Your child can say goodbye to low grades with a private tutor who is professional and committed to the cause
  • Fix gaps in understanding:
    A teacher can go back and dig for the basic concepts that are lacking in your child’s learning and address them once and for all
  • Tackle difficult problems quickly:
    Tutors are ready to give quick answers to tricky questions
  • Spark renewed motivation in learning:
    Back at school, students may already be fed up with the teaching style of their teacher which can be improved by the right private tutor
  • Find a more effective way to learn:
    Students may find it difficult to learn in classroom classes, but find that they understand it more easily through private lessons
  • Extra guidance to enrich JC crash course:
    Students can find learning challenging in classroom classes, but find it easier to understand through private lessons

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Our O-Level Tutors

Scoring well for Singapore’s O-Levels is getting tougher and harder because of increased competition and standards. It’s based on this that we’ve recruited an amazing team of tutors who know the exact steps to take to ensure that your child is going through the exams. The private teachers will provide comprehensive assessments, crash courses, ad test papers anytime your child needs them. You can rest assured of better grades in their exams with us right behind them. Get your mentor with us at competitive tuition rates today.

Our teachers in Singapore are well informed about the SEAB syllabus for the subjects they are tutoring and therefore their instruction should meet Cambridge’s learning goals. Tutors are not there to assuage the fears of the students and in any way mollycoddle them. When they need to be stern, they should make their students understand that beavering away without internalisation and logic is going to be a huge breaker of progress. Our tutors understand that with utmost sincerity they will lead their students to success whatever the teaching method may be or whatever the learning speed the student has. Remembering that an expert once was a beginner, their students will be inspired, nurtured with patience, devotion and hard work. Students also feel secure knowing they have a support system to help their education and in any case there is no reason one would feel helpless. The tuition system in Singapore ensures that students receive sufficient help to conquer their exams without hesitation or fear, and that’s what every student wants for themselves or for themselves.

Excelling in the O-Level Examinations

Whereas secondary school tuition centers at O-Level offer classes in groups. We offer one-to-one tuition. Everything beats having an expert mentor with the best exam techniques and taking the child by hand, guiding them through their mistakes so they can learn better when it comes to making the quickest advances. Don’t stick to the fence. Be responsible for the success of your child’s O-Level . Allow us to offer them the custom help they need to do on the subject extremely well. Our tutors will ensure that they keep your child on track until their improved grades make you proud.

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The Challenges of the O-Level Exams

If you want your child to participate in better JCs, which increases their chances of becoming a university student, they need to score A1s in seven or more different subjects at the same time, plus having excellent CCA records! Even if your child is pursuing a polytechnic course, some polytechnic courses like International Business need an L1R5 of 8 and below these days! So, it’s important to address the challenges of your child with the support they can as early as possible.

  • Is your child struggling hard to understand advance concepts which frustrate them now?
  • Gives them so much trouble preparing for their exams all day without any support in sight?
  • Are they worried that they might not pass the exams at the pace that things are going on?
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Tackling the O-Level Strategically

The O-Level is a major stepping stone that students will face on their academic journey in Singapore, especially private candidates. It serves as a big crossroads, one which can take your child down various routes. Excel and they either go to a good JC or poly, or they fail and have little choice left. We can relate well to the unique situation your child has to face. And that is why our tuition provider offers well-groomed student tutors for the treatment of O-Level subjects. Our private tutors are familiar with the O-Level syllabus and the needs to help your child excel.

O-Level Tuition Rates

Secondary 3/4NA $25-35 $40-50 $65-70
Secondary 4/5NA $30-40 $45-50 $70-80

Get the Best Preparation

Although your teen may still be unsure of where to go or what course to take, doing well at their O-Level ensures they have plenty of choices to make during the holidays. Doing well puts your child in an elite school with conducive and modern-day learning equipment for success. This further strengthens their self-development, and later in life lays the foundation for a fruitful and fulfilling career. Enrolling your child for good private tuition will therefore significantly enhance their chances of doing well at their O-Level and make you a proud relative. Don’t shy away. Ask for a private tutor who can give your child the undivided attention and support they need to supercharge their academic success.

Why Choose Our Agency

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the cheapest tuition rates. We made it our mission to help parents and students get assistance in the exams. In Singapore, our excellent team of qualified tutors are trained expertly to provide the tuition. Find a private tutor in just a few clicks, or via a call, with our easy-to-use tutor request form. As someone who is willing to set the right academic speed for your kids, you can see the super advantages of quality tuition firsthand. We would like to clarify that there is tuition for everyone! And, if your child faces a challenge with their assigned tutor, call us and we’d find a better replacement.

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