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Physics Tuition

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Our well-grounded Physics tutors are excellently trained to teach O Level Pure / Combined Physics or A Level H1/H2 Physics


We live in a technologically advanced age, but without knowing how it functions, the average person relies on advanced technology. Much of this expertise is in the Physics discipline. A student creates a sense of wonder and curiosity about how things work with physics. The desire to learn is paramount. A good introductory level physics tuition should therefore strive to instil an interest in the subject that will grow and flourish over the long term. Hence teaching students the essence of physics allows them to instil an accurate understanding of what science is and how it is studied and implemented in society. In Singapore, physics is introduced as an O-Level subject to make students conscious of energy, matter and their interrelationships. This focuses on studying natural phenomena, and then applying patterns, models, rules, theories and laws to describe the universe’s physical behavior.


Challenging Concepts

Most students in physics would agree that physics is one of the most difficult subjects in secondary school


Interest in Physics

An interest in physics generally helps your child understand the physical world around them and equips them with practical skills and abilities that will come in handy in their future


Possible Scientific Career

Giving your child an opportunity to pursue a physics major makes learning physics when young a worthwhile educational experience

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Importance of Physics

Physics is one of Singapore’s most popular science topics as many go for pure physics or the combined sciences. It is not until secondary three that most students observe physics at the school for the first time. And students new to physics struggle with day to day learning. This may may encourage you to attempt to engage directly with the studies of your child by teaching them after school.

Time and hard work are the ingredients which make Physics’ learning process easier and more efficient. Most students in physics, past as well as current, would agree that physics is one of the most difficult subjects they have learned in secondary school. So studying physics is like learning a new language with a plethora of technical jargon so unfamiliar symbols that inject fear into their minds for those who are new to the subject such as secondary three students. Physics requires a profound understanding, a technical understanding and a curious mind. These are two main factors that prevent many students from studying physics: a lack of understanding of what physics is; a lack of reliance on mathematics: the inherent complexity of the subject and its emphasis on mathematics make it harder for students to understand. Hiring an experienced tutor in physics will ensure that your child gets a comprehensive understanding of the subject, enabling him or her to succeed in future physics exams.

Benefits of GP Tuition

Upon looking at the syllabus and the students ‘ approach, it is obvious that a student needs to excel in both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to achieve good grades in a physics exam. For successfully satisfy both of these requirements, you will hire a physics teacher as soon as possible. Home physics tuition in Singapore enables your child to obtain customised instruction in a quality education. If you are looking for an inexpensive private physics teacher, you’ve landed in the right place. We guarantee that every need for a tutor in physics is fulfilled. Our tutors do not believe in the single-way, formulaic teaching method. Discussions are an important part of teaching and teachers are open to any discussion and questions that students can bring forward. Teachers exchange practical advice and experience, provide tools for the right research and inspire students to understand their full potential. A great mix of theory and practice: Physics is one of the most difficult disciplines, with its daunting presence of theorems and calculations, we understand. The tutors in physics are both skilled in theory and in calculations.

  • Quality and experienced guidance:
    Passionate tutors will pass on their years of knowledge and special physics expertise to students
  • Learn critical exam methods:
    Private tutors will help you work efficiently and provide you with the best way to answer exam questions for best results
  • Instil passion in learning:
    Enthusiastic tutors make learning fun for students, making it a welcome break from the dull, uninspiring lessons they receive from tired, nonchalant teachers
  • Gain an advantage over peers:
    Experienced tutors offer valuable lessons and insights in physics that go far beyond what students learn in school, giving them an advantage over their peers
  • Conducive learning environment:
    Less tension and pressure means students can assimilate more easily and ask as many questions as they want
  • Access to methods and resources:
    Working with many past students means tutors have strong personal records, and students may benefit from resources

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Our Physics Tutors

For new concepts such as circular motion and quantum physics, for instance, physics at JC level is much harder to understand and comprehend compared to physics at O-Level. Apply to that the lightening-speed pace of lectures and physics lessons, and you’d know why without a helping hand your child just can’t get by. We offer courses in JC A-Level Physics, tuition in O-Level Physics, tuition in IB Physics, and tuition in IP Physics. We also put together a qualified team of experienced tutors who would step in and provide your child with all the best tuition learning assistance. Your child needs an experienced teacher, who has shown success to several students. It is either that or that your child keeps going round in circles being frustrated with physics and getting nowhere near the result they want.

The teachers are only chosen after a careful scrutiny of their teaching background. Most have experience teaching in secondary schools. Hence, helpful tips and effective methods of research will benefit their students. In this way, we help ensure that you are partnered with the right and effective tutor or physics tuition center for basic, IP and IB courses.

Excelling in Physics Examinations

With our well-groomed and outstanding tutors, you now have the unique opportunity to win your child through the physics topics or parts that offer them a tough time until they are comfortable dealing with the questions themselves. In Maths, if your child is poor, it can also affect their scores in Physics. Our eager-to-teach tutors will do whatever it takes to help your child do very well in physics tests at O Level Pure / Combined or A Level H1/H2 Physics. Your child gets1-to-1 instruction and customised physics resources that they can’t get out there through the normal tuition centers.

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The Challenges of Learning Physics

Engage us so that you and your child can breathe comfortably, again students are quick to tell anyone who wants to know that A-Levels is extremely difficult in Singapore. This is mainly due to the collaboration between MOE & SEAB and the University of Cambridge in preparing A-Level papers in Singapore which makes it much more challenging than the normal A-Levels taken in the UK. Because this is a very important test that serves as a big gateway to tertiary education, students need to find a way to overcome any obstacle they face in successfully preparing for it before it keeps them short of achieving their academic objectives.

  • Do the formulae and concepts of physics give them hard time and sleepless nights?
  • The definitions are too complex to grasp?
  • Are they left to sort out all of the issues themselves?
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Tackling Physics Strategically

If your child is frustrated with mounting lecture notes to fill in, and assignments to send that they barely have time for anything else, realise they can begin to get support. Your child needs a private tutor in physics who can break up these theories into easy-to-digest bits and pieces for best results. Sadly, most parents whose child is struggling with physics today are either too proud to seek help or expect a miracle.

Physics Tuition Rates

Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90
University Level $60-70 $80-120 -

Prepare Well with Home Tuition

A qualified and experienced physics teacher can easily help your child outshine their peers. Therefore, we can support your child with quality physics tuition whether your child approaches their O-Levels, A-Levels or is completely new to the topic. To obtain reliable, desirable results in physics, your child needs unique resources for extensive practice such as data booklets and question banks, appropriate study notes and validated exam-taking methods, and good research history and knowledge.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the best match prices. We also set the goal of helping parents and students in physics get help. Our outstanding team of qualified tutors are expertly trained to teach Secondary 3 and 4 pure or mixed physics students taking their O-Levels; Junior College (JC) H1, H2, or H3 Physics students taking their A-Levels; as well as tertiary Physics undergraduates. In just a few taps, or via a call, find a private physics tutor. If your child is not communicating with an appointed tutor we will take over and find a suitable substitute for you.

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