Junior College Tuition

Junior College Tuition

  • Engaged mentor to help achieve success in A-Level
  • Tight knit support for JC syllabus and schoolwork
  • Help gain confidence and competence in A-Level with tuition
  • Creative approach for studying and tackling academic challenges
  • Constant source of inspiration for research and tests at school
  • A-Level proven method and technique

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Qualified JC teachers are well-trained to give your child a solid foothold on their A Level exams


The Junior College was established to provide a challenging environment for Singaporean students to help them grow their talents, both academically and non-academically, throughout a rigorous two-year pre-university education programme. A junior college is regarded in Singapore as a key to unlocking the path to university education. The junior college is often regarded as the direct path to university education compared to other post-secondary educational choices. Junior colleges adopt a teaching-tutorial system which serves as an introduction to tertiary education aimed at developing independent student learning and self-discipline.


Ticket to University

Choosing to go down the A-Level path ultimately leads to university


Race against Time

The 2-year A-Level course is one of the most difficult exams students face


Private Help

Experienced teachers for long-term tuition or a short-term crash course for all subjects

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Importance of Junior College Education

Junior College (JC) is certainly not an easy two-year academic course. JC students face tremendous pressure because eventually selecting the A-Level course leads to only one destination; the university. That sort of one-way course, all or nothing, keeps students in constant fear as the day of the exam draws near. While a Polytechnic student graduates with a diploma and can secure a career, there is not much option for A-Level holders as regards job prospects. Singapore’s junior college is similar to a 2-year crash course for one of the world’s most difficult exams: the GCE A-Level Examinations. So it’s important students find a way to effectively scale through or face a disturbing outcome.

Junior College study isn’t just for everyone, students are specially selected from their GCE ‘ O’ standard with excellent academic grades leaving examination before being assigned to various junior colleges. Over two years, students will experience identical learning programs as they have learned at secondary school level over the past 4–5 years. The only difference is that at Junior College the standard and difficulty level for each subject is higher and more demanding. A student spends two years of his or her life earning an A-level diploma containing daunting quantities of advanced content that must be mastered over a short period. Upon graduating from Junior College, students typically securing a place in a local university or go overseas to pursue an undergraduate degree.

Benefits of Junior College Tuition

Private JC tuition can be of incredible benefit to your kids. Students get flabbergasted as soon as they land straight from Secondary Schools into Junior Colleges because the amount of academic difficulty they face is considerably higher. Also, JC1 students have to deal with losing their mother tongue and the painfully time-consuming Project Work (PW).

As mentioned earlier, 2 years of intensive study isn’t an easy feat. Students who are unable to understand their peers ‘ concept of the subjects taught in their lecture halls and tutorials may fall behind. As such, it is important to seek out external help from professional JC home tutors to ensure that their learning process stays on track. While teachers in different junior colleges give their students additional help during after-school lessons, parents often want their kids to gain a competitive edge over their peers. By hiring a private JC tutor, your child is getting a forum for learning more efficiently and effectively:

  • Extra support to improve fundamentals
    Students can lean on a tutor for tailored support when lectures at a JC is insufficient

  • Ensure top preparation for the A-Level exams:
    Tutors bring to the table new and proven strategies to tackle difficult concepts that are not well explained at JC
  • Flexible and convenient study schedule:
    A good tutor should look at the work and schedule of the JC and adjust their tuition plan and style accordingly.
  • Find expert tutors that match your learning style:
    Unlike JC teachers chosen on behalf of students, private tuition offers space to replace underperforming tutors
  • Tracking of study progress and exam readiness:
    An professional teacher will track learning progress with respect to the A-Level syllabus and fill in the defined gaps
  • Flexible Tutoring Schedule:
    While attending school, your child should schedule his or her time wisely after school

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Our Junior College Tutors

Junior college is a two-year preparatory course towards one of the world’s most challenging exams. That’s why we’ve put together a dynamic team of JC tutors (including IP-trained) who are well trained and experienced enough to handle the changing study needs of your child. Let us get you a mentor who will be able to assess, define and resolve the A-level difficulties your child faces. With us behind them strongly, you can relax knowing that they are getting the exact help they need to ace their A-Level exams. Don’t let your kid fight by himself. Supercharge your child’s A-Levels success.

We provide a launchpad for its graduates to gain a place at the end of their two-year junior college career in some of the country’s most prestigious universities. Learn from the Junior College Tuition Experts Private home tutors who are readily available when the need arises.

Excelling in the A-Level Examinations

Our committed and exceptional Singapore teachers are ready to impart the right A-Level knowledge and get your child fully prepared for their A-Levels. Our A-level home tutors will monitor your child’s daily progress carefully, and ensure that they keep your child ahead of their peers and equip them with the skills they need to shine through their A-levels. So, let an appointed mentor from us fill in the gaps that your child has in their A-Level research, break down difficult concepts that give them sleepless nights, and highlight the places where your child is missing the mark so that they can refocus and plan for success. Enable us to provide the expert help your child needs in their exams to prepare them well for better grades.

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The Challenges of Junior College Education

It’s quite normal for students who aren’t from IP schools when they join JC to fail. Additionally, JC1 students have to struggle with learning their mother tongue and Project Work (PW), which consumes a great deal of study time. If you apply all of these to a handful of CCAs and other obligations, it isn’t difficult to understand why the academic life of a JC student is overpowering.

  • Is your child struggling hard with their A-levels preparation?
  • Will they find the 2-year JC crash course insufficient and yet extremely demanding?
  • Have you tried to help but not make any headway yet?
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Making JC Studies Manageable

In general, JC tuition options vary widely. There are many JC teaching centres around, as well as tuition agencies which provide private tutors. Having a private JC tuition usually has many benefits over tuition centres. If you are considering enrolling your child in a tuition centre, the fact that your child would have to travel to the centre must be factored into. This can take between 15 minutes to an hour, or more, depending on the location of the centre. Your child’s tutor does all the travelling with JC home tuition and brings practical tips and teaching methodologies to the table to excel in A-levels, unique to the specific needs of your child.

Junior College Tuition Rates


Get the Best JC Preparation

While your child may choose to go to a tuition centre to meet new people, make new friends and study with like-minded students, private tuition cuts through every distraction and focuses solely on helping your child prepare well for and ace the A-Level. As the degree of difficulty in A-Level increases each year, the requisite questions and concepts become increasingly complex. That’s why your child needs an outstanding teacher who has the necessary materials, keeps up-to-date with new requirements, and teaches your child precisely how to evaluate, work around tough issues, and spot errors they miss on a private basis.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that offers quality, convenience, responsive service and the best rates. We made it our aim to help students get help through JC tuition. Our exceptional team of professional tutors are well equipped to deliver tuition. You have seen the multiple benefits of successful private tuition as a loving parent who is eager to help your child excel. We want to state that tuition is open to all! If your child has any problems with a tutor we appoint to them, call us and we’d give you a suitable replacement.

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