N-Level Tuition

N-Level Tuition

  • Highly-experienced N-Level tutors dedicated in teaching
  • Improve N-Level exam grades progressively over time
  • Individual tuition puts you ahead of your peers
  • Tackle challenging N-Level questions with proper guidance
  • Master exam-taking skills and tricks

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Our accomplished tutors are experts at providing the best N-Level tuition Singapore


As Singaporean students make the transition from primary to secondary school, they are put at the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in different streams according to their academic score. The different streams are as follows: Integrated Programme Normal (Academic) Programme Normal (Technical) Programme and Express Programme. Once the students have completed their four-year secondary education journey, all Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) Stream (N) students are required to sit for the N-Level exam. The exam is an entrance exam that serves as a forum for students to undertake post-secondary study. Hence, the new educational trajectory of a student is decided by his success in the examination, which defines to some degree also his future career. For students to obtain their future education from prestigious institutions, passing the examination with flying colours is important. Good N-Level tuition is key to the successful completion of this test.


Route to Post-Secondary Education

All Secondary 4 normal academic and normal technical stream students (N level) are required to sit for the N-Level exams


Hard to Find Qualified Tutors

It’s not easy to find a competent tutor who is conversant with the SEAB N-Level syllabus


Guidance Available

Private tutor with years of experience who can guide your child effectively and lead them to success

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Importance of N-Level Education

Depending on their academic performance at the PSLE, primary school students moving to the Singapore high schools are typically placed in different streams. On completion of four years of secondary education, all Secondary 4 regular academic and technical stream students (N-Level) are required to sit for the N-Level Examinations (and/or five-year GCE O-Level Exam) which is the entrance test to post-secondary education. For many students, this transition period is always full of difficulties and uncertainty, especially if they feel they are not well-prepared to sit for the examinations.

Better N-Level exam results lay a firm foundation for the future career of a student. It’s imperative for a student to get successful coaching in Singapore to help ensure your child secures a bright future. In comparison, secondary school teachers concentrate more on covering the entire syllabus without paying much attention to the individual students ‘ needs. It is necessary to get a deep and detailed understanding of all the subjects for the examination. An effective and skilled tutor guides the student to obtain a thorough knowledge of each and every subject.

  • Securing a place in a good local university in a course you desire
  • Going overseas to pursue an undergraduate degree

Benefits of N-Level Tuition

Our N-Level tutors can help your child, as the classroom’s familiarity and pressure can prevent learning from triggering boredom, which private tuition can help relieve and encourage extra motivation. The self-confidence of a student is improved immediately after they know that they have an expert to rely on while studying for the examinations.

  • Receive guidance with study hurdles:
    A successful tutor will identify areas where a student has difficulty and work to fix them immediately
  • Minimises phobia for examinations:
    Students may be well prepared for exams but may still struggle with the low self-esteem which a competent tutor can identify and rectify

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Our Expert N-Level Tutors

The secret to your child’s post-secondary education route and, by extension, their future career, is doing excellently well at N-Level. Students should not take the exams lightly, as a result. We have to study hard and adequately prepare for it so that they don’t end up on a different academic lane than they agreed for. We also assembled excellent team tutors who know how to handle the difficulties of studying your child successfully so that they can shine at their N-Level. Give us the power to find a qualified home-based tutor that matches your child well. You can relax with us firmly behind them, realising that we have protected you and your child as far as proper exam training goes.

Excelling in the N-Level Examinations

We must start preparing with us for the N-Level Examinations as early as possible. The more time a student spends on coaching, the greater the likelihood he or she will have to perform well in the test. It is not wise to wait until the exams to seek help since even the best tutor needs time to help a student prepare for the exam. Therefore the best deal you can ever get is learning from professionals at an affordable price under one roof. Under one roof can be found all the tutors who specialise in various subjects such as English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science. Without too much time and trouble, a student can easily access the support he or she wants. Our tutors provide students with one-to-one coaching from the comforts of home. We’ll also cater to your preferred day and timing. With lessons prepared with the latest syllabus from our professional tutoring team and your full commitment, you are guaranteed to achieve a fruitful result in the exams.

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The Challenges of N-Level Education

N-Level Exams should not be taken lightly, as managing subjects such as Chinese, N-Level English and Maths (Additional Math and Elementary Math), and Normal technical subjects such as design and technology – in addition to regular subjects, your child may quickly overwhelm and frustrate, particularly if they lack an effective study strategy.

  • So, is your child struggling with their N-Level exam preparation
  • Were they sick of going round in circles and settling now for easy grades of passage?
  • Are you confused about where and how to locate a trained tutor at your place who is familiar with the SEAB N-Level syllabus?
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Tackling N-Level Strategically

As stated earlier, passing the exam is a crucial step towards an effective post-secondary education and career. To this end, it is important in enrol for qualitative, customised and student-focused N-Level tuition. School teachers are usually under pressure to cover the entire syllabus when attending to several students’ needs at a time, which means they are unable to help your child with their study hiccups on a personal level. We fully understand the situation. And that’s why our tuition agency offers compassionate tutors with a passion for tutoring your child as long as it takes to train them. The tutors at home are very familiar with the SEAB N-Level syllabus and can prepare your child accordingly for performance.

N-Level Home Tuition Rates

Secondary 3NA/4NT$25-35 $40-45$60-70
Secondary 4NA/5NT$30-40 $40-50 $65-75

Get the Best Preparation

As a parent, you should not wait until the exams of your child are near before you enrol them for high-quality private tuition. Because with the help of an experienced tutor, the more time they have to prepare, the more confident they get, and the better their chances of doing the exams with ease. Luckily, a trustworthy tuition agency like us can easily get you a professional home teacher who would tailor the lessons to suit the student’s learning style and particular needs, and even provide free materials. Don’t put off any more. Ask a private mentor who can give your child the edge of achievement they need in their lives.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are at the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides consistency, comfort, attentive service and the most reasonable rates. We made it our mission to help parents and students in exams get support. Our excellent qualified tutoring team is expertly trained to provide tuition. In just a few taps, or via a call, find a private tutor. As a parent looking to give your child the best training for their N-Levels, you’ve seen the amazing benefits of good tuition firsthand. We’d like to tell you tuition is here for everyone! If your child feels they don’t get along well with a teacher, call us and we’d find a better alternative.

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