Geography Tuition

Geography Tuition

  • Experienced and passionate geography tutor
  • Extensive syllabus coverage
  • Access to latest resources and exam-taking tips
  • Individual mentor for guidance to ace your exams
  • Useful review of your assignments

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Our top-notch geography tutors are experts at providing GCSE, O Level, A Level (H1, H2) and IB Geography tuition


Students are introduced to Geography from the secondary one onwards. Students who are not doing well for the subject also find it uninteresting and it involves a lot of fact memorisation for others. Geography really is an interesting topic. The time and effort to learn certainly appreciated. Nevertheless, if the student does not do well in Geography, it is where the parents seek help for a proper private tutor, and only a good and skilled tutor can help a student understand the wide range of concepts and the subject’s knowledge. It’s not about studying on a surface level, but it’s very important to understand different physical and human phenomena occurring on Earth. We make your quest simple just in case you are searching for a Geography tutor to help your child achieve a high level of mastery in the subject matter.


Usefulness of Geography

Mastering geography concepts like energy crisis, deforestation and water shortage will turn your child in later years into a research-savvy student with multiple applications to his career.


Improving in Geography

Students must look beyond outright memorising or guesswork and come up with winning strategies for tackling geography effectively.


Proficient Tutors

Your child can be properly trained by an experienced, professional teacher on how to view charts, graphs, and data which can set them up for better subject grades.

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Importance of Geography

Students are first introduced to the geography at around one or two secondary schools. In geography, many students fail to do well because it seems flat, dull, and needs quite a bit of facts and maps memorising. Some students can find geography boring but it’s definitely worth studying. Based on the geography syllabus of the SEAB, a student is required to develop a broad array of skills and expertise as they learn about and understand physical and human phenomena occurring on Earth, as well as current socio-environmental issues occurring through cultures in different parts of the world.

Benefits of Geography Tuition

Geography students needed a mentor to fully understand and competently break down the description into bite size in order to grasp concepts clearly. The definitions must be grasped. Our tutors provide their students with simple descriptions and real-life examples. It’s the combination of hypotheses and facts that will expand the subject’s comprehension. By presenting main geographical concepts such as size, space, and place, to more complex ones such as physical and human processes, environmental and cultural diversity, and interdependence, we help to better understand the subject matter. Our home tutors give an undivided attention to your boy, helping him to understand the subject in a fun and interactive way.

  • Customised attention:
    Allowing students to receive direct, instant assistance with their study issues
  • Perfect matching with suitable tutor:
    You can choose and decide a suitable tutor instead of being randomly assigned one
  • Quality mentoring:
    In addition to tutoring, students have someone at school to share their worries and concerns and provide quality advice
  • Assistance with assignments:
    Students may carry lessons, topics or chapters to their home, and discuss them with their tutor
  • Extensive exam practice:
    As examinations or exams arrive students are confident because they are able to practice thoroughly with the aid of their tutor

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Our Geography Tutors

Geography is known to be a very difficult subject, with thick textbooks to memorise starting at high school levels. Geography students at JC-level have no choice but to acquire deep knowledge, comprehensive understanding of geographic theories, and a special ability to interpret large volumes of data. It includes the ability to memorise large amounts of repetitive data and improve the writing skills required to argue logical and positive. In order to combat this apparently boring and difficult subject, we have put together in Singapore a distinctive team of good geography tutors who are prepared to pull their weight behind the success of your child in geography. Here’s your chance to invest in the success of your child’s research by recruiting a mentor who would give them the extra resources and assistance they need to make their studies successful.

We will help both secondary and JC students achieve academic success with the large pool of qualified geography tutors. Our tutors have the opportunity to equip students with the right geographical skills and knowledge, with a belief in building a strong foundation for the subject. We ensure the definitions are well understood and well defined.

Excelling in Geography Examinations

We’re set to help conquer any challenge that stands in the way of your kids. We never have to suffer geography or waste day after day in dreading the test with us. Our top-class and compassionate geography teachers in Singapore are waiting for your child to obtain expert assistance so that they can easily succeed in their geography exams. There is no better way to improve the chances of your child learning on the subject in such a short time than by hiring a dedicated Geography specialist tutor to assist your child. Our tutors are attentive to the individual study needs, interests and extra hard work of your child to solve them. There’s no better time to act. Get your child to face Geography with everything they need and ace it.

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The Challenges of Geography

Compared with history or social studies (SS), geography is widely considered one of the more difficult subjects in humanities. The level of difficulty for JC geography in Junior College (JC) is getting significantly higher. For any student the sheer breadth of the syllabus and its huge amount of material would be overwhelming.

  • Would they find the subject unselfish? Were they tired of reading volumes of concepts which are hard to master?
  • Do they have trouble interpreting maps and breaking complex concepts?
  • Do they have issues with the formal way of developing and writing down facts and arguments?
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Tackling Geography Strategically

Often, English tuition is required alongside geography tuition, due to the importance of writing skills in geography’s essay-heavy focus. Home tuition is happily required for that too. Your child can now rely on good tutors at home who can tackle multiple subjects at once, and teach them essential test skills and techniques. This will ensure your child makes the most out of their A-Levels. Crash course geography is also available to quickly fix knowledge gaps to prepare for the exams.

Geography Tuition Rates

Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90
University Level $60-70 $80-120 -

Score Well with Good Preparation

Our excellent teachers are keen to sit with your child and motivate them to do well in geography. Our tutors are trained and equipped with the latest tools to help your child develop a strong passion for the subject and to success in their exams. There are plenty of geography tuition centers out there but none offers the exclusive access to professional teachers and tutoring that we can give you instantly. Enrol your child for O-Level, A-Level, IB and IP tuition so that they can get the focused attention they need to earn the elusive A in Geography.

Why Choose Our Agency

You are in the right place if you are looking for a private tuition agency in Singapore that provides price, comfort, attentive service and the best private tutoring rates. We made it our goal to help parents and students get geographical support. Our excellent team of qualified geography tutors are expertly trained to teach Secondary GCSE, O-Level, and A-Level Geography. With just a few clicks, or through a call, find a private geography tutor. If you or your child have issues with a tutor we are assigning, we’ll quickly get you a more suitable replacement.

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